Start Page Online (SPO) offers innovative services to save internet surfing time and provide a convenient browsing experience

October 09 00:35 2018

Developed to ease the inconvenience of searching for websites from search engines each and every time, several times a day, the Start Page Online (SPO) can not only save web surfing time but eliminate the burden we thought was inevitable. 

After the advent of the internet, there had been a diversity of start pages offering a compilation of search engines and website links yet none has been as well made as SPO. 

A first-hand experience can prove the claim of it being the ultimate internet start page by word of mouth is a fact. 

SPO provides three categories of services. The first being the Google Link Service, cluster of different search engines and finally, the top websites from different industries. This is to offer a quick and convenient way of surfing the net. SPO allows you to save not only time but delivers convenience. It’s convenient to type up the three letters, SPO inside the address bar,  but it can be even more convenient if saved in desktop or home screen. 

SPO’s Google Link Service offers a faster and more convenient alternative to the actual google site. Not only it can google search faster than Google itself, but it also provides a fast and more conveniences access to the Google services. The default setting for Google search on the top page includes searching images, maps etc. Unlike Google itself, all that is just a tap away. This includes access to Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Translator etc that are readily available, as opposed to accessing them separately on Google. If you are interested in experiencing it, log on to and enjoy the Google Search plus link services. 

SPO offers not only Google but also YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia, with the one-stop search service. In other words, multi-searching is possible with SPO. All the images, maps etc from all search engines in one spot. Searches by specific search engines are also, a single tap away. 

The conventional way of searching for an image meant, you were required to type up the search engines website in the address bar, and after you log on to the page, you’d have to conduct a text search followed by an image search. If you were searching for the same image on different sites, how inconvenient and tedious the whole process would be, not to mention the fact that it’d be a repetitive process. But with SPO, the multi-search feature, does it at once, it only takes typing up what your looking for, and a click, to have access to images from all search engines. Undeniably, a much more convenient and time-saving service. But also, SPO provides a compilation of the hottest websites by industry.

You have access to the most popular websites, and these sites are all one-click away. You will be allowed to group the hottest websites under different directories, from social media, mail, news, bank. These websites are linked to their image button. This, in turn, would mean that if you were curious about which websites are the most visited ones under a specific industry, you could see them at a glance. Those sites that you didn’t know of, but already used by many can be seen on SPO. It can be also handy in keeping your cellphone’s homescreen neatly organized, by saving SPO in your home screen. The direct icons for Facebook or Google services can be all replaced with a single icon, SPO. The only you need to be careful about is to not deleting the actual app, but the direct link icon buttons. These SPO shortcut buttons can be saved from internet surfing apps, such as explorer, or chrome. 


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