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October 09 00:50 2018

Security is a primary concern for any network user or administrator, whether at home or in an organization. Open Port, a new online service, offers a quick online port check tool to figure out any loopholes in the form of open ports in a network. The website also offers many security related offline tools for download, as well as a blog with up to date information on network security.

Open Port now offers the easiest way to find out whether any port on the user’s network is open and thus vulnerable. The open port checker can be populated with the target IP address, and the tool quickly figures out if any network port is vulnerable to attacks.

Open Port is a free online port check tool for TCP ports over Ipv4 protocol, and can also be used to test routers and devices for port forwarding. Port forwarding is used to allow outside computers to connect to devices inside a private network. The tool is also useful to check if a server is being blocked by firewall.

Ports are used by computers to connect and send/receive data, and any flaws and weaknesses at this level can be exploited by hackers and scammers. The tool displays any unnecessary ports that are open on the user’s computer or device and need to be closed. There exist a total of 65535 ports for use, some of which have been assigned to special services by INAN, such as browsing the web.

Open Port offers several offline tools that can be downloaded to check network performance and security. Some of these include PingUI, DNSLookUp, Whois, a network troubleshooting tool, port detectors and hidden process detector. The site also features sections on Raid data and hard drive recovery and software reviews.

As an information site, covers open ports, port scanning, networking and other related topics. It also carries the latest blogs and articles related to port scanning, open ports and other networking subjects. In the future, visitors will see more free online tools added, new offline tools and some great content.

Visitors are invited to share their suggestions and ideas on new tools and content they would like to see on Open Port.

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