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October 09 05:30 2018

Perfect 7oz size for ON-THE-GO consumers.
LALA 7oz Drinkable Yogurt Smoothies
Good source of PROTEIN in each bottle
Made with REAL FRUIT for all fruit flavors.
7 oz Bottle is 33% LARGER than a 5.3 oz cup of yogurt.

Promised Land 12oz Jersey Cow Milk
Compared with an average glass of milk, Jersey cow milk has:
15-20% more protein
15-18% more calcium
10-12% more phosphorous and
Considerably higher levels of B12
4.77% Butterfat/3.64 Protein
45 Days Shelf Life Guaranteed

LALA Drinkable Yogurt Smoothies are the perfect 7oz size for ON-THE-GO consumers, now available via Mr. Checkout in great flavors such as Strawberry, Mango, Pina Colada, and Strawberry/Banana. The LALA Drinkable Yogurt Smoothies’ 7 oz Bottle is 33% LARGER than a 5.3 oz cup of yogurt and offers a good source of PROTEIN in each bottle. LALA Drinkable Yogurt Smoothies are made with REAL FRUIT for all fruit flavors and is proud to have NO high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or flavors. LALA Yogurts offer a NUTRITIOUS healthy breakfast, lunch, on-the-go or afternoon snack.

LALA is also proud to introduce via Mr. Checkout, Promised Land All Jersey Cow Milk products. The breed of milk for Promised Land is quite unique as it’s a small breed (880-1100lbs) of dairy cattle originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey. The Jersey cow has a 20% lower carbon footprint than the Holstein cow, and provides dairy farmers a premium product with lower environmental impact.

In an age where consumers are seeking better quality products, the rich, creamy taste and nutrient dense milk from Jersey cows are rising in popularity. Compared with an average glass of milk, Jersey cow milk has: 15-20% more protein, 15-18% more calcium, 10-12% more phosphorus, and considerably higher levels of B12. Promised Land milk also offers 4.77% Butterfat/3.64 Protein.

LALA is a Mexican Company focused in the healthy and nutritious food industry. We are proud of the 65 Years of experiences in production, innovation, and marketing. LALA operates 22 production plants and 166 distribution centers in Mexico and Central America and is supported by more than 33,000 employees.

Our Mission is “To Nourish Your life is Our Passion” with products that are fresh, natural, and of the highest quality available. LALA is constantly innovating to take care of your health and make day to day life easier. We are a strong team committed to your health and wellbeing. LALA’s Vision is “To be the preferred dairy company of the United States.”

Please contact Mr. Checkout if you’re interested in either of these great dairy brands for your business.

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