Human Rights Watch’s Voice for Justice Dinner is Back in London

October 11 20:20 2018
Human Rights Watch (HRW), a New York City-based NGO that provides advocacy in the field of human rights, has announced that it will once again hold one of its annual Voice for Justice dinners in London. The event will take place on 8 November 2018 at the Roundhouse in Camden Town and it is expected to attract thousands of some of the most proclaimed supporters of the organisation among which may also be activist and philanthropist Sumru Ramsey.
Voices for Justice London Annual Dinner will return for yet another edition. This year, however, HRWs high-profile event that will be held in the English capital will mark a very special anniversary  70 years since the official adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The milestone document lists the fundamental freedoms and basic rights of all human beings from all nations in the world and it has an international influence. The declaration was proclaimed in 1948 in Paris by the United Nations General Assembly.
Even though the previous London dinner of the organisation raised the bar high after it managed to generate nearly 1 million in donations and it used the London Tower as a venue, the 2018 Voices for Justices event in the UK capital may enjoy a greater support. Sumru Ramsey, one of the most loyal followers of the Human Rights Watch Council, is yet to confirm her participation in this years event. However, given her active support for the NGos causes and her involvement in previous HRW seminars and fundraisers in London, chances are that she will be one of the 7,700 guests at the upcoming dinner. One of Ramseys greatest contributions to the organisation dates back to 2013. That was the year in which Sumru Ramsey organised an event called Human Rights Watch Briefing on Turkey which took place at the London office of the Human Rights Watch Council.
The 2018 Voice for Justice London Dinner will also honour and celebrate some of the biggest defenders of human rights that stood out with their actions during the past 12 months. Those special individuals will receive the organisations greatest honour  the Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism. Previous recipients of the prestigious award include human rights activists such as Ivan Pavlov (Russia), Hala Al-Dosari (Saudi Arabia), Pierre Claver Mbonimpa (Burundi), Yara Bader (Syria) and Shin Dong-Hyuk (North Korea).
About HRWs Voices for Justice Dinner
Human Rights Watchs Voice for Justice Dinner is held in 13 countries spread across 4 continents. Aside from London, the event is also organised in 23 more cities among which are Paris, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Stockholm, Brussels, Toronto and Geneva (where Sumru Ramsey first become acquainted with HRW). The amount of donations which the organisations dinners managed to raise in 2017 was more than impressive – $18 million. This makes the Voice for Justice dinners one of the most successful fundraising series of charity events in the world. 
About Human Rights Watch Council
Human Rights Watch (also known as the Human Rights Watch Council and HRW) is a 100% non-profit, non-governmental organisation that works in the field of human rights. It has offices all over the world but it is headquartered in New York City. The HRW is a recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize which it shared with the other members of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. The organisation was founded in 1978 by Aryeh Neier and Robert L. Bernstein and was originally called Helsinki Watch. Today, the Human Rights Watch Council has a staff of about 400 experts with an extensive background in journalism, law, as well as academics.

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