YetPulse Provides Businesses with Real-Time Monitoring and Feedback of Marketing Campaigns

November 07 23:54 2019
YetPulse Provides Businesses with Real-Time Monitoring and Feedback of Marketing Campaigns
Service is designed to help businesses keep track of ad performance to maximize conversion rates.

London, UK – YetPulse is pleased to announce it is providing businesses with real-time monitoring and feedback of their online marketing campaigns.

Based in the UK, YetPulse provides an anomaly detection service that proactively monitors online analytics data and instantly sends a notification if any issues arise.  The service enables businesses to receive real-time KPI monitoring to identify root causes of problems with ads posted online.

“Any business owner will understand how painful it can be to face issues with overspending, or an unexpected drop in conversion rates,” says Nik Blank, founder of YetPulse.  “Even small losses can add up over time, so it’s imperative to be aware of the root cause of these issues before it’s too late.”

To help businesses to monitor their online marketing campaigns, YetPulse uses a specifically designed AI algorithm to find any unexpected behavior of their ads as soon as something has gone wrong.  Once a business owner has been notified of an issue with one or more of their ads, issues can be addressed and fix to save valuable income. 

“Primarily, our service is valuable for e-Commerce businesses and has a digital budget of over 1 million euro/pounds,” states Blank.  “In these cases, it is crucial to detect problems with ads as soon as possible.”

“For instance,” Blank continues, “one of our clients came to us right after they had overspent by 100k euros with zero purchases.  It turns out that one of the managers enabled a campaign that led to a 404 page.  They figured this out only after the weekend had passed.  If they had been using our service, they would have saved much of their 100k.  It was a hard lesson for them to learn.”

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YetPulse provides an anomaly detection service for e-Commerce businesses to monitor their ads.  The company oversees ads 24/7 to help businesses to feel confident in their digital marketing campaigns.

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