Infinite Possibilities, future-oriented Global Vision of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area

January 14 00:03 2020
City is the profound thoughts of civilization.City is the faithful expression of life.


From cells to DNA, human beings’ explorations of life continuously push forward the process of civilization. In the largest gene sequencing laboratory of Asia,  life is unfolded in the form of 0 and 1, Under the depiction of supercomputer, the outline of the Chinese gene mapping is gradually clear in the city of gene. Synthetic biology represented by gene editing, is going to create a new adjustment and control model of life, regenerative science centered on stem cell and organization science, raises the mode of disease treatment to the height of regeneration. 


Cognitive science focused on brain science, leads mankind to realize the revolutionary, changes in their understanding of themselves. The combination of brain and computer is coming to a reality, After receiving the due care and the genuine respect life starts to ponder over the future. Human beings have no long been satisfied with thinking by themselves. Those chips containing the wisdom are activated by lines of code. The city of chip releases thousand times of computing power to realize the human inspiration and refresh the human cognition. From imitation to collaboration intelligent manufacturing is no longer just a vision, it becomes the key factor which impels this era to advance. The formed industrial cluster depending on the leading industries, supports a new context of urban development.  

Innovative financial services flow in it, Similar to the vigorous pulsation,  giving the city a heavy sense of strength, It is the surging endogenous power that inspires the spiritual core with innovation as its source, Whether it is core or extension, Nanjing Jiangbei New Area provides all forms of innovation with a flourishing and thriving ecosystem, Global innovation resources converge here across time and space. Under the concept of innovation and integration top wisdom has completed the process of acquirement,  transformation and engergization. The resulting innovation integration, makes Nanjing Jiangbei New Area possess the future-oriented global vision, Smart city is a digital extension of millennial Jinling a tribute to the technologizing of life wisdom.

If the intricate underground space and utility tunnel are the reflections of a smart city, then the roads and tall buildings, are like the flesh and blood of civilization, drawing the outline of continuously upward vitality, Cities begin to think for humans, The comprehensive perception system is like a meticulous neural network continuously capturing data, to feed the intelligent brain of the city, The innovative public service system, with the extensive reflection and a high degree of insight on the social governance, makes the city grow with speed and temperature, with momentum and bearing, Leaning on the mountains and rivers, securing a bright look at the forefront of the times, to open the future borders, The organic combination of the profound human history, vigorous creative spirit, as well as the natural environment with mountains and rivers, form a rich and hierarchical landscape of the city, in order that life lives poetically, city retains talents, talents lead industry, industry back-nurtures cities. 


The significance of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area surpasses the geographical concept of 2451 square kilometers, Inheritance and development are neck and neck here, Ecology and industry complement each other Production,  life,  ecology, grow strong in this world and interweave the closely linked reality and vision, Nanjing Jiangbei New Area the future is now. 

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