Havospark Sharki Motorized Swimming Kickboard for Children Launched on Kickstarter

June 30 12:52 2020
Device offers children an exciting, fast and safe motorized swimming kickboard with a baby shark design

Kickstarter is today the launchpad for Havospark Sharki, an intelligent motorized kickboard featuring a baby shark painting that is specially designed for children to enjoy themselves in any swimming pool or in the shallow sea.

With a 350W motor that ensures strong propulsion, running at a maximum speed of 1.5m/s (5.4 km/h), creating 6 kilograms of buoyancy and featuring a 60N thrust, this is a device that offers the thrill of speed and performance. “Kids love excitement and visually appealing aesthetics, and Havospark Sharki offers exactly that,” Rolando Lee, the developer of the device, said.

The fact that this is a fast motorized kickboard does not mean that safety is compromised. On the contrary, Sharki starts running when both starter switches are pressed and it stops when any of the switches is released. The fens gaps are tight enough to make sure no young children’s fingers can accidentally be harmed, and this is an IP67 waterproof and sand-proof device that uses patented technology to minimize any damage to the product or any kind of electric issue that could harm children.

Havospark Sharki has been engineered so that the device offers strong anti-collision and impact resistant features, and there is an LED display showing the speed and the remaining battery autonomy of the device, which comes with a rechargeable 24V 35.2 lithium battery that allows the kickboard to work for 60 minutes underwater.

While it is especially suitable for children and youngsters with a height of 90-160cm, the buoyancy and power of Havospark Sharki Kickboard are strong enough for adults to also use this device. “In fact, its robust structure and motor also make it suitable for rescue operations, and even more so if they are covering children-focused lifeguard operations,” Mr. Lee further detailed.

The Havospark Sharki Kickboard campaign on Kickstarter at <http://kck.st/2YC8CB6> is seeking to raise $XXX,000 to fund the large-scale production of the device which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

About the Creators of Havospark Sharki Kickboard

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