Phoenix Based Life Insurance Company Offers Affordable Burial Insurance For Baby Boomers

June 30 13:38 2020

Phoenix, Arizona – June 30, 2020 – Protect With Insurance is a Phoenix-based life insurance company and brokerage firm that specializes in providing the best life insurance coverage for the lowest costs. Today they are stepping up to the plate to meet the challenges facing the aging Baby Boomer population.

In our present climate, the coronavirus is taking so many lives so quickly and unexpectedly. Those over the age of 60 are especially vulnerable to the virus. No one wants to leave behind the astronomical costs associated with burial and end of life issues.

The cost of a funeral has risen more than 20% in the last decade and is still growing. For many Baby Boomers, leaving behind a substantial financial burden for their loved ones is unthinkable. 

Depending on what one’s wishes are, the costs can be quite alarming. If one just wants to be cremated, it can cost between $5,000 and $10,000. For those who are more traditional and want all the bells and whistles like an expensive casket, a lavish funeral service and a hearse rental, the price can easily be $30,000 or more. 

No one wants to think about it but the truth is having burial insurance in place, especially now. It is essential in providing peace of mind and relieving the anxiety of what happens to one’s remains when they die.

Burial costs are no joke and can easily wipe out the savings of those one leaves behind who must pay the costs of burying or cremating their loved one’s body. 

Protect With Insurance is well aware of how important it is to have affordable burial insurance in place, especially for those between the ages of 60 and 80 years old.

Depending on one’s age, health, and several other factors, Protect With Insurance makes it possible to get an A-Rated burial life insurance policy for under $2 a day, depending on whether one wishes to be cremated or buried and the type of service they want. 

Realizing the time constraints people have nowadays due to the growing threat of Covid-19 ‘s sudden onset and death, Protect With Insurance will set an individual up with a burial insurance policy in a matter of minutes.

All their agents need to know is one’s age, gender, the current state of health, and how much insurance they want. 

From there, Protect With Insurance will do all the work. They’ll help you find the best A-Rated life insurance company that offers the best price available. 

Email them at or visit their Website for more information. 

You can also call directly at 928-323-0933.

Protect With Insurance is located at 989 S. Main Street Ste. A-293, Cottonwood, AZ 86326.

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