Push Plank Pull Offers Complete Fitness Solutions With Fitness Equipment, Body Training Tutorials, and Live Training Sessions

January 11 19:42 2021
Push Plank Pull Offers Complete Fitness Solutions With Fitness Equipment, Body Training Tutorials, and Live Training Sessions

January 11, 2021 – Thanks to Push Plank Pull, fitness enthusiasts can now get their hands on a wide range of affordable workout equipment and body training programs via the company’s website – www.pushplankpull.com. Simply put, Push Plank Pull is out to help both experienced and budding fitness enthusiasts make a healthy lifestyle change with its one-stop platform for all things “healthy living”.

With people now required to stay home as a means of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, access to public gyms or exercise parks has been shut down. While many have tried to create their personal workout sanctuaries in their homes, the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns have resulted in a sudden rise in prices for exercise equipment and accessories.

This has proven to be a disappointing blow to fitness enthusiasts and people who want to make healthy lifestyle changes. With the help of Push Plank Pull, people can now access a wide range of fitness equipment and accessories at affordable prices. The team at Push Plank Pull is committed to helping its customers achieve their goals with elaborate workout programs (if required).

Like most top brands, Push Plank Pull has an interesting backstory that has shaped it into the successful brand it is today. The company was founded by a few friends: Robin Mourik, Ayan & Anna Deb. Amid the COVID-19 induced lockdowns, they struggled to maintain their weight loss routines due to the restricted access to local gyms. Rising to the occasion, Ayan, who at the time was overweight at 215 lbs began working out at home after purchasing some equipment and managed to lower his weight down to an impressive 155 lbs.

Despite achieving remarkable results, Ayan couldn’t help but feel a bittersweet sensation because he was reminded that he spent large amounts of money to purchase equipment for his home gym. This inspired him to open www.pushplankpull.com with the help of his wife and friend. The company’s mission is to offer exceptional exercise equipment and accessories at affordable prices. The products are all curated and handpicked for specific health goals. What makes Push Plank Pull stand out from other online retailers, is their special feature section on the website called : “Global Live Experiences.” This exciting feature showcases the programs and services of reputable gyms, dojos, boxing facilities and yoga studios around the world. Through www.pushplankpull.com, customers can access programs and services such as calisthenics and HIIT training via live online sessions or live in person (when gyms open back up). Attending live online sessions is not only motivating and fun, but helps people adopt a healthy fitness lifestyle both physically and mentally.

The launch of Push Plank Pull will forever change the way people engage and think about fitness. The products available from the website are compact and portable; allowing customers to workout with ease, even in small spaces. The site also sells accessories such as massage devices for recovery and tools that measure calories gained or lost.

The team at Push Plank Pull are knowledgeable, experienced in eCommerce, and dedicated to customer service. The company provides dropshipping orders with free shipping worldwide, which means that customers can expect to receive their orders in 2-4 weeks (shipping times may vary due to pandemic).

A message from the founders of Push Plank Pull: “We are real people who believe that everybody has a right to live a healthy lifestyle without excuses. Living in a pandemic environment has its own challenges and we can eliminate some of that stress by helping you achieve a healthy mind and a healthy body.”

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