Maryvale shares expert tips for keeping kids motivated and positive during summer break

July 29 23:45 2021
LA County’s Longest-Operating Children’s Charity, Maryvale, has posted an informative guide on how to keep kids inspired, active and motivated during summer vacation.

Rosemead, California – July 29, 2021 – Summer vacation sounds all fun and play for kids but the considerable break from a structured routine might draw in certain unwanted consequences. Educators and mental health experts have attested that since summer months lead to suspension of regular school activities, it’s not uncommon for kids to lose motivation, forget things they have learned in class, or even lose interest in studying altogether. Parents have to take proactive steps in keeping kids motivated during summer break, and to help them out, leading charity organization Maryvale has recently shared a post offering a pro guide on keeping kids inspired and positive in the summer months.

The post, “How to Help Children Stay Positive and Motivated This Summer & Beyond”, explains how the concept of motivation is closely related to the notion of learning. Lack of a structured learning environment during summer vacation often leads to lack of general motivation in kids, resulting in laziness, sluggishness or disinterest. When kids are unchallenged during their Summer holiday, they can end up behind when they return to school in the Fall. According to experts, the key solution to the problem lies in creating a playful learning environment for children which would be a blend of playtime with active learning.

“As students return to school this fall, many of them – perhaps especially those from historically disadvantaged student groups – will be starting the academic year with achievement levels lower than where they were at the beginning of summer break. This phenomenon – sometimes referred to as summer learning loss, summer setback, or summer slide – has been of interest to education researchers going back as far as 1906”, stated the spokesperson from Maryvale. 

“To combat the summer setback, we have recently shared an expert post on the steps to take to keep the kids motivated about learning during the holiday. This way, our young stars won’t lose touch with learning and would be excited to go back to the classroom once school resumes after summer break.” 

The post sheds light on the importance of setting goals to bring a solid structure to the kids’ summer break. Another important tip is to make learning fun so that kids can enjoy the entire process and look forward to it. The idea is to pique their interest in the overall concept of learning yet without bringing them in the strict environment of a classroom.  

“You can introduce your kids to new hobbies- something they would love to know about and learn while enjoying the whole process all along. The notion of learning need not be confined to books only; it could also mean learning a new craft or a sport and so on.” 

The post also stresses on the strategy of motivating kids with the concept of rewards. Parents can ask the kids to build a wishlist where they would jot down their desires, such as an ice-cream treat, trip to the beach and so on. Each reward would be tied to a short-term task and would only be granted when the child would perform the task required.  

“It’s also important to applaud and praise your little one when s/he performs the tasks required. Positive reinforcement from parents and near ones plays a big role in keeping the kids motivated and inspired.”

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