Nurident the Dental Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria offers “Implant dentaire” for Travelers

October 13 22:14 2021

The team at Nurident is committed to providing high-quality treatments and services for all clients, no matter where they are from. With a variety of languages spoken by staff members and interpreters on call, they work hard to provide seamless care that considers any special needs or concerns patients may have.

They offer hotel and airplane services as well as interpreter services, so it’s never been easier to get teeth taken care of abroad. Basal dental implants have a unique role amongst all types of bone replacement.

The advantages of the basal implant system are that there are no unresolved issues related to tooth loss and other problems which would make it inappropriate for dental replacement.

A fixed denture within three days from first intervention through finall fitting gives people back their confidence once again; they can speak clearly, chew food easily without pain or discomfort caused by loose teeth.

In 2000, Dr.Nuri founded his own dental implant company to provide affordable dental care and implant dentaire. Today, his center offers various services such as implants for front teeth or implants for back teeth; anywhere from one tooth to all the teeth in the mouth, they can be replaced by an implant.

They also offer implant dentaire Tarif, Prix implant dentaire, implant dentaire Avis, implant basal, which are all translations of Dental implants in French. The success rate is high, and patients are often able to eat normally after a few days.

In three days, patients will be able to eat food without worrying about whether or not their dentures will stay in place. Nurident uses a fixed implant-supported replacement that gives patients teeth stability.

In addition, they fasten metal-supported acrylic resin with occasional extractions down as part of our intervention procedure for patients who have lost many teeth.

All interventions occur on an outpatient basis, so there’s no need for hospital stays associated with dental care.

Dr. Nuri’s dental clinic is a top-rated, well-known and popularly sought after for two decades now, with its reputation standing the test of time as it has been rated amongst the top best dental clinics not just today but ever since it was founded under his leadership over 20 years ago.

One of the main reasons this clinic continues to be ranked among the best and being around for so long is because they offer a wide range of services, including immediate implants, therapeutic dentistry, and orthodontics, all at their different locations. 

In three days, the client will get to see their new teeth fixed for good and can now leave with a new smile. In this time of approval from both parties (both patient and dentist), Nurident will guarantee the best possible results- and finish it off with teeth whitening.

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