Purpose Driven Coaching by Carolyn Catchings LPC, for Self Esteem and Personal Growth to Achieve Fulfillment in Life

January 13 21:24 2022
Carolyn Catchings, LPC, Personal Empowerment Coach is founder of Midlife by Design, established in September of 2012 in St. Louis Missouri and embarking on its 10th year anniversary.

MBD/www.midlifebydesign.org/ is a community resource for growth and wellness. Its mission is to enable individuals specifically in the mid-life or transitional stage of life, live purposeful and productive lives. MBD helps individuals & families overcome challenges, acquire purpose in life, develop self-esteem and personal growth.

According to announcements released by Carolyn Catchings, Midlife By Design has now expanded its services to include Life Path Consulting and Personal Empowerment Programs to address the growing needs of the community.

Follow this link to see what Carolyn’s Clients are saying: https://www.personalempowermentinstitute.net/

The Personal Empowerment Coaching encourages individuals to identify goals and purpose their lives and then, with a structured program, work committedly toward fulfilling that purpose. Personal Empowerment Coaching guides clients via an evolutionary change concept, achieve growth and transform their lives by activating abilities and powers from within. Licensed therapists, specialists, business coaches, peer mentors, and consultants at this consultancy offer services covered by insurance. The counseling, available online through face-to-face video teleconferencing, facilitates rehab, personal empowerment, and the elderly. The HIPPA compliant services are delivered to clients safely and confidentially.

For more information, go to https://www.midlifebydesign.org/online-counseling-services

Life Path Consulting helps clients identify and reach their full, authentic potential, to achieve fulfillment and experience harmony in life. These programs deliver positive and measurable outcomes to benefit individuals, couples, families, brands, and corporations. The consultancy uses assessment and intervention tools to counsel on common concerns expressed by clients. These evidence-based programs deliver successful outcomes to those in a life transitional phase, like baby boomers and millennials; or those facing significant life challenges. These sustainable outcomes are achieved organically and are not forced or contrived. 

Follow this link for additional information: https://www.personalempowermentinstitute.net/personal-empowerment-programs

In her clinical practice, Carolyn Catchings LPC, CRC, helps clients’ behavior reflect their core potential, through cognitive restructuring and other evidence based modalities. Carolyn integrates cognitive restructuring and behavior modification to help clients overcome mental, emotional, and physical barriers. through a wellness paradigm vs. symptom treatment approach. Carolyn Says, “her philosophy is framed from a strength-based perspective; what’s well with you, not what’s wrong with you.”  Carolyn uses customized tools and techniques to release the “authentic self” making change operational everyday life. Carolyn Catchings, LPC, CRC’s treatment approach addresses physical, mental, emotional & spiritual issues. All mental health services offered in the clinical practice are usually covered by health insurance.

Carolyn Catchings of Carolyn Catchings LPC, Personal Empowerment Coach & Life Path Consultant said, “As a Personal Empowerment Coach, I offer services which expand the boundaries of traditional life or health coaching. I provide personal growth and development programs; but also integrate tools of my clinical practice to help clients overcome cognitive, emotional and psychological barriers.

“As a Life Path Consultant, I currently provide specialized Life Path Consulting to those in leadership & counseling professions, including, therapists, teachers, pastors, administrators, etc. With my broad perspective of concepts, strategies, tools, and understanding of the unique coaching/ counseling required, I provide insight to help clients achieve purpose and fulfillment.

“What motivates me is realizing my calling to serve others by helping them reach their potential, activate purpose, and receive fulfillment in their life. I have previous experience in the Ministry, as fashion designer and an image consultant; even though these professions may seem inconsistent with what I do now, the purpose was always consistent (serving others). Serving at various levels of my life has looked different because of my continuous evolution. Still, ultimately the thing that gives me motivation is understanding my purpose and finding the path of fulfillment.”

About the Company:

Carolyn Catchings LPC Personal Empowerment Coach & Life Path Consultant established by Carolyn Catchings helps clients discover their purpose in life, give up unhealthy habits, and implement healthy, life-affirming behavior. It delivers results by focusing on an individual’s strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

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