The PWA Group – Building a team that thrives in 2022 and beyond

January 13 18:54 2022
The PWA Group - Building a team that thrives in 2022 and beyond

The PWA Group have been around for a number of years now and whilst being very successful, they are not one of the big corporations in the financial industry. They have been relatively small despite having a team that is bigger than most normal corporations in other fields.  

They focus heavily on recruiting individuals who will fit seamlessly into their team, who possess a great work ethic and specialize in their field of work. This recipe for hiring has worked very well for The PWA Group and it has been at the root of their success. 

Mr. Phillip Price, the Chief Executive Officer of the company said:

“Since our inception, we made a decision that we will ensure that the team we assemble is the very best, with great chemistry and combined with an outstanding work environment for them to thrive and become a team that stays a unit for many years to come. 

Having our core team be together for so long, while still having an environment and culture that produces excellence and keeps them engaged and most importantly accommodates to their needs and wants so they enjoy their craft was the most important thing for us. 

We felt that if we get all of those components right, then everything else will take care of itself.”

In such a competitive industry, The PWA Group has taken time to create a culture that will stand the test of time and one that has been proven to be formula for running a successful business regardless of the industry. 

With some new roles opening up at The PWA group, they will still have the same stringent process for hiring for those roles that they have used since they began. These core values have shaped the DNA of The PWA Group. 

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