Aluminum PCB Is Mainly Used In Which Applications

January 21 13:26 2022

Aluminum PCB is also known as printed circuit board. Strictly speaking, printed circuit board is represented by aluminum PCB, rather than “aluminum PCB”. PCB is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. It is the core of electronic equipment. It can be of any shape or size, depending on the application of electronic equipment. The following, Yongming Sheng, aluminum substrate manufacturer, introduces you to the application fields of aluminum substrate PCB.

Aluminum pcbs led

Aluminum pcbs led

So, what are the main applications of aluminum PCB?

As the most commonly used base/base material for aluminum base PCB, FR-4 is found in many electronic devices and is the most common intelligent material. FR-4 (aluminum substrate PCB) made of glass fiber and epoxy resin is composite with copper cladding. Its main applications include: computer graphics card, motherboard, microcontroller board, FPGA, CPLD, hard disk, RFLNA, satellite communication antenna feed, switching mode power supply, Android mobile phone, etc.

1. Application of aluminum PCB in medical equipment

The rapid development of medical science is closely related to the rapid development of electronic industry.Many microbiological equipment and other equipment are based on aluminum PCB, such as: pH meter, heartbeat sensor, temperature measurement, ECG machine, EEG machine, MRI machine, X-ray, CT scan, blood pressure machine, glucose level measuring device, incubator, etc.

2. The application of aluminum PCB in lighting

We can see around the LED lights and high intensity LEDs.These small LEDs can provide high brightness light and are mounted on a printed circuit board based on an aluminum substrate.Aluminum has the ability to absorb heat and dissipate in the air.Therefore, due to their high power, these aluminum boards are commonly used in medium and high power LED circuits.

aluminum base pcb

Aluminum base pcb

3. The application of aluminum PCB in industrial equipment

Widely used in manufacturing, especially those with high-power mechanical equipment, which is driven by high-power circuits and therefore requires high current. So you put a thick layer of copper on the circuit board, and unlike sophisticated electronic boards, these high-power boards can run up to 100 amperes. Arc welding, large servo motor drive, lead acid battery charger, military products, cotton cloth machine and other fields of application is particularly important.

4. Aluminium PCB applications in automotive and aerospace industries

The most common mixed sound comes from the mixed sound in the movement of aircraft and automobile. This kind of sound is called Flex aluminum base PCB, which can make the aluminum base PCB flexible to meet this high intensity vibration. Soft printed circuit boards are light, but can withstand high vibration, and because of their light weight, can reduce the total weight of the spacecraft.

Even a flexible aluminum PCB can be adjusted in a tight space, which is a huge advantage.The retractable aluminum-based PCB acts as a connector, and its interfaces can even be assembled in compact Spaces, such as behind panels, under dashboards and so on.

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