Pet Secrets: the Nova in blockchain games along with cute pet is coming

May 23 19:12 2022
Pet Secrets is coming with launching an independent “SaaS” incubation fund and DAO management

The focus of block chain has changed from DeFi to many fields such as NFT, GameFi, DAO in prosperity, the intersection of which is blockchain gaming.

The chain game is not a protocol with only a few hundred lines of codes but a complex virtual world, which is bound to have a long production cycle. No heated chain games like Axie Infinity have sprung in recent years. The situation is more likely to be that the first wave has already made a stage pose followed by the second wave on the way. In the period of temporary shortage, we should look for new potential chain games such as recently heated Pet Secrets, which arouses a lot of attention due to its originally designed gameplay, new overall design and fully on-chain form.

The Pet Secrets team is following the craze and takes the advantage to transcend the entertainment properties of traditional games in order to create a one-stop, all-round chain game platform inspired by the animation “Pet Secrets”, to achieve the surreal meta-universe eco-civilization. NFT is full of possibilities obviously not been fully explored yet, especially in the field of games.  NFT games led by Pet Secrets may bring a brand-new experience to players.

First of all, the core of the game is fun. The game is meaningless without fun. As for the playability, pets in Pet Secrets have been set as NFT, which is the realization of the dual empowerment of DeFi and NFT. This chain game is a traditional Free to Pay game combined with NFT by blockchain technology and then upgraded with Play to Earn, in which players can earn real money by participating in games with cryptocurrencies as the underlying assets (NFTs). The first “SaaS” incubation platform combines NFT protocols with smart contracts, which means that developers can enjoy “SaaS” by simply selecting a protocol template and customize parameters to create a standalone NFT product. In addition, Pet Secrets has an independent “SaaS” incubation fund, and teams that pass the audit of “SaaS” incubation institution will receive assistance in finance, research and development, mathematical models and other aspects, which is a true one-stop experience.

The new sectors in Pet Secrets also includes DAO management, NFT pledge, LP liquid exchange bonus, rising profit of Token and star nodes, etc. In the GameFi Industry, Pet Secrets has a more various NFT assets which applied in a more concrete way, which is more innovative and suitable for the traditional players. The platform is divided into six sections: farm, traditional crop pool, innovative crop pool, game box, blind box, sharing card and governance. In the six sections, NFT establish smart contracts mainly through blockchain technology, which allows digital assets to produce unique and legally protected digital credentials to build a confirmation system.

The distributed application of blockchain allows NFT to achieve transactions in seconds which reduces the trading time and thus reduces the operation costs. Pet Secrets focuses on the SaaS transformation and product standardization of NFT, and also incorporates NFT development standards, diverse gameplay and product rules into smart contracts.

Therefore, players can enjoy a convenient and transparent one-stop professional experience without third-party intervention throughout. Its professional not only lies in the ability to use blockchain technology and the design concept but also in the unity of fun and rules.

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