Content Creator Beats Presents Copyright Free Music for Content Creators and Creatives

May 23 21:33 2022
Content Creator Beats is a UK-based company founded by music enthusiasts to provide content creators with free high-quality music and soundtracks.

The audio aspects of vines, shorts, memes and other entertainment content are arguably as important as the visual side. Creators often spend weeks brainstorming and preparing the scene, shooting hours of footage to create, and investing days in editing to produce the final product – a minute-long clip. Integrating music and soundtracks into short videos is both costly and complicated for many content creators, but Content Creator Beats offers a solution.

Content Creator Beats is a company that offers 100% free music for content creators, influencers, and social media stars. The platform was founded by a group of like-minded music connoisseurs and videographers, who set out to create a platform where creators and creatives could find free high-quality music. 

The company was founded with a simple mission, which is to “serve as a professional, reliable, and well-curated music platform for content creators who are looking for the best music for their videos and other content.”

According to the brand’s spokesperson, the main goal of Content Creator Beats is as follows:

“Our aim is to empower content creators to share their ideas with the world. We are committed to providing original, high-quality music to the world for free, and to provide the world with musical soundtracks for their visual stories.” Regarding the price, subscription plans, and any fees that creators should expect at Content Creator Beats, the company’s spokesperson continued that anyone using the platform will encounter “no DMCA or copyright strikes. Ever.”

Whether it’s free background music for YouTube, trap or hip hop music for gaming videos, synthwave tunes for Twitch streamers, ambient music for LinkedIn introductions, or Lo-Fi music for TikTok stories, the catalog of Content Creator Beats has it all. 

All Content Creator Beats tunes are of premium quality, sourced from up-and-coming musicians and artists, edited by a team of experienced professionals, and curated for the convenience of the platform’s users. 

Although the platform is largely focused on electronic music, its catalog is as eclectic as it is profoundly unique. The songs listed on Content Creator Beats’ websites are full tunes, not just snippets, allowing content creators to pick and choose the sections they like the most. 

Given that copyright issues are among the main reasons that dissuade many from using existing music in their content, the platform wanted to alleviate such worries by educating the users on its platform about copyright laws, the basics of non-copyrighted music, locations where free copyright music can be found, and more.

On the platform’s Blog section, creatives and creators can find an abundance of posts that could be of invaluable help in terms of the legality and legitimacy of using both copyrighted and non-copyrighted music. 

More information about Content Creator Beats is available on the platform’s official website.

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