Maria Duluoz – The Soundcloud Underground Artist

August 05 10:28 2022

Maria Duluoz (1984) was always taken into music scenes around the world even when he wasn’t really looking for it – but always had people bringing him into stuff that ended up having much success.

That’s why he always enjoyed it. He started doing things in the underground scene in Rome, Italy (Europe) at an early age in squats and and just kept going passing through some of the most influential roman realities in underground music (Fanfulla; LaPescheria/AlienAlien) and only because people around him in the “subterranean” scene “apparently demanded it” – he had huge success and follow and kept it until he reached through the soundcloud underground and up until today.

From 2019 he started mainly working with rappers in the united states – he was introduced into a group that had to act as a sort of Schemaposse’s b-team – from Lil Nic for Jgrxxn and the Schema underground rap scene – the group never came to be, in any possible form mostly because of some big fights & issues between the many core members: different artists that were going to be co-managed by Duluoz also between USA and Europe mainly.

That group soon disbanded but it left him with a lot of connections, and success, and a couple of hits (“Hearbreak”; “Mask On”) and with lots of people and especially with his current collective Desert Of The Sixxx (DOTS) where many artists from that original team ended up regrouping.

Under the Desert Of The Sixxx Label he released his latest single ANGELI whose official music video reached almost 200K views on youtube during the first month.

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