Finally, A Solution to Faster, Easier, Accurate, and Bias-Free Hiring

August 05 10:52 2022
An intelligent talent assessment platform for HR Professionals

Hiring the top talent is challenging for HR professionals. It is very difficult to find the perfect candidate for the job from the pile of applications. According to a survey by Legal Jobs, it was found that on average, there are 118 job applications received for one Job post.

This means there is a huge pile of resumes and CVs for the recruiter to screen before shortlisting the interview candidates. Even if they get through the exhausting manual screening of the CVs, they don’t know if they are calling the right candidates. An article by CNBC reports that 78% of job seekers lie during the hiring process, and 40% lie on their resumes.

So even after the tiring process of manual screening of resumes, it is not sure that they will hire the perfect candidate.

This is where the HR Tech platforms and tools like Testlify come in. Testlify specializes in helping startups, small businesses, tech companies, and even large enterprises hire the best talent. They offer 150+ Test Libraries for various roles at an organization for different industries.

Each test assesses the quality of a candidate’s performance based on their job skills, soft skills, cognitive ability, and unique questions prepared by subject matter experts from recognized organizations and institutions worldwide. Now, the HR professionals can set a benchmarked score for assessments and ensure that only qualified candidates are shortlisted for the interview.

Another major challenge in recruitment is hiring without bias. According to an article by BBC, We humans can sometimes make decisions based on unconscious bias. This is not intentional. Our subconscious navigates toward a particular decision without a proper logical explanation. This impacts the hiring process, and there could be unconscious racism, ageism, or sexism.

According to an article by Finance Online, 78% of companies using recruitment tech tools say it makes their hiring easier than ever. Assessment tools like Testlify help organizations hire without discrimination and bias. Every candidate has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gives you bias-free data to analyze.

Obviously, with tools like this, there could be cheating or plagiarism. Fortunately, the founders have considered this and added intelligent proctoring features. The platform prevents cheating, detects plagiarism, and records session videos and screenshots during the assessments.

The HR Professional can create an assessment with video recorded answers, essays, and choose tests from the catalog of vast test library question sets. And they can shortlist the candidates effortlessly. They can also send emails directly to the candidates from the same platform.

Testlify is on a mission to make hiring fun, engaging, efficient and unbiased.

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