Zerofux Clothing Co. drops its latest line of high-quality, dope clothing for 2022

August 16 12:03 2022
Zerofux Clothing is redefining streetwear fashion across Australia and New Zealand with its unapologetic and confidence-booster collections that aim to empower individuals across the globe.

Zerofux Clothing, an industry leader in the fashion scene, unveiled its latest collection of shirts and apparel, a sure-fire way to build confidence and junk negativity. 

Composed of clothing hustlers, New Zealand clothing brand Zerofux Clothing offers its best-selling collections that include MINIMAL, Elite, Rebel, and Legacy, all of which relate to being completely apathetic and literally giving “zero fux” to the opinions of others.

Chad Nicholas founded Zerofux Clothing in small town Timaru, New Zealand, with a few hundred bucks and a dream to make something from nothing.


Growing up skateboarding in Christchurch and skateboarding being such a fashion-influenced sport, Chad wanted to push for a clothing brand that would help people get rid of negative energy and become positive in life. 

Starting with a cheap heat press and vinyl cutter and a lot of learning, Zerofux has grown from $0 to doing over six figures a year and working with some fantastic suppliers worldwide. 

In 2017, Zerofux Clothing gained the attention of the organizers of the Vancouver Fashion Week,  a one-of-a-kind event that brings industry experts and unique designers worldwide to celebrate creativity and diversity in the fashion scene. During the event, organizers offered Chad to set up a stall after coming across the game-changing brand through social media.

“From that point on, Zerofux Clothing took the world by storm. It produced clothes that redefined conversations and pushed people to stop living in fear,” says Chad Nicholas, owner of Zerofux


Chad said that rare chance he got paved the way for Zerofux’s global recognition. It drew international retail suppliers from across the world.

Chad says Zerofux Clothing’s use of high-quality fabric for its garments also positioned the brand to become the most well-loved streetwear clothing line amongst spinners.

Shoppers in need of confidence-boosters shirts may check out Zerofux Clothing’s collection @zerofuxclothingco on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

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