Rubber Mats Can Increase Productivity in a Warehouse

December 07 23:39 2022
Rubber Mats Can Increase Productivity in a Warehouse

Many industries today use rubber mats to protect the floors and enhance the appearance of industrial settings. In addition, the mats ensure floor safety. However, what many business owners don’t realize is that the mats also help to increase productivity. While they offer the benefits seen with regular floor mats, certain mats have special features designed to boost productivity. 

Decreased Risk of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Every business must make employee safety a priority or it could face lawsuits. Slip-and-fall accidents remain a concern in industrial settings, which is why many companies today choose to invest in anti-slip mats supplied by California Industrial Rubber Co. (

When floors are wet and slippery, the risk of a fall increases significantly. These mats reduce the risk of accidental injuries that could lead to missed time from work and costly lawsuits.

Less Fatigue

Another concern in an industrial setting is fatigued workers. When a person tires, their reaction time slows, and this could lead to more accidents. Anti-fatigue mats increase productivity in individuals who stand for long hours. 

These mats are made from a cushioned material that provides buoyancy to workers. Muscle stress and strain decrease, while blood circulation improves. Workers don’t tire even when standing for long hours, which increases productivity.

Less Wear and Tear on the Body

Mats reduce the risk of a worker becoming ill due to physical strain and stress. The right mat will reduce the impact on the worker’s joints. Soft mats often don’t provide the support workers need. As a result, they have less energy. A company needs to find the right mat to provide the desired level of support without being too soft. 

Better Health

Certain surfaces trap allergens and irritants and release them into the air when disturbed. This negatively impacts the health of workers. When the right mats are selected for outdoor use, these allergens and pollutants remain outdoors. They aren’t tracked into the industrial setting. Workers have cleaner air to breathe, which is beneficial to their health. They miss less time from work, which improves productivity and benefits the company. 

Environmentally Friendly Mats

Workers today worry about the environment. This concern can impact their productivity at work, particularly when they feel their employer doesn’t make sustainability a priority. With the installation of environmentally friendly mats, a company can show workers it cares about the planet while increasing productivity in the warehouse. 

Heated Mats

Some warehouses benefit from the installation of heated mats. Cold workers tend to be less productive, as they must use energy to keep their bodies warm. With the installation of the mats, they devote less energy to keeping their body temperature up and more to completing their work tasks.

Furthermore, these mats can be used outdoors to melt ice, providing workers with a safe place to walk. They can move between locations easily without fear of slipping on ice when doing so. 

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