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October 08 19:21 2018

Calgary, AB – The Entrepreneur Academy was founded by Douglas Vermeeren in 2010 with the mission to empower entrepreneurs to thrive in their businesses. Vermeeren himself started as a young entrepreneur when he began a journey as a 19 year old to interview the top business leaders in the world. His mission specifically was to catalog and systematize how these massive brand builders started, structured and expanded business. By the time he was finished a decade of these interviews he had met with more than 400 of the worlds top achievers, built a multi-million dollar company himself and gained the title of the Modern-day Napoleon Hill.

Vermeeren became a regular featured business expert on television with multiple appearances on FOX, FOX Business, CNN, ABC, NBC and others. As a result of his direct mentorship and connection to top business leaders his perspective and practice are very different than what you might expect from a business school. Vermeeren’s learning was under the guidance of CEOs, founders and leaders of such companies as FEdEx, Nike, Fruit of the loom, Uber, Kijabi, Southwest airlines, KFC, Disney and many others.

The principles he now teaches are not theory, but rather are based on practical proven strategies that get results.

Can anyone do it? This is a question that many considering a career in business or entrepreneurship often ask. Vermeeren answers with an astounding Yes! Anyone can learn how to build a business and create higher profits in an existing business. The youngest student in the Entrepreneur Academy is four years old, and with the support of his parents has already created products for his peer group.

The average age of those coming into the program are in their mid-thirties to mid-fifties. It is interesting to note that Vermeeren refers to these as young entrepreneurs. The reason being is that The Entrepreneur Academy believes that age has little to do with the creativity and commitment required to start a business. Young simply refers to those who are just getting started on developing their ideas into profitable ventures.

Creativity and resourcefulness are the key components to creating successful ventures. But, Vermeeren points out, there are specific patterns and formulas one can follow to make success far more likely in todays economy.

When asked about how The Entrepreneur Academy is different than other business seminars, business coaches or classes the answer is simple. Those teaching our courses have been qualified through having a successful business and brand of their own. Some of the faculty members who teach the programs and coach the business owners in this program actually have massive brands that you would know. Some of the past teachers include: Frank Maguire (CO-founder FedEx, KFC, American Airlines), Bill Farley (Fruit of the Loom), Jack Canfield (Chiucken Soup for the Soul), Brian Smith (Founder Ugg boots), Marilyn Tam (Nike, Reebok) and others.  No other organization on the planet today has such a distinguished and experienced faculty.

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