Top 10 Local Companies Per Product Or Service, 100% Verified: Selectedly Makes Choosing The Right Company “Easy” For Consumers

October 08 20:00 2018

Gone are the days where consumers had to comb through stacks of catalogues or brochures in search of a professional. While the internet might have facilitated things – it has added a whole other layer of frustration, and that is none other than the issue of untrustworthy rankings and reviews. However, one new company has set out on a mission to put an end to that problem: Selectedly, a premiere search engine/business directory helping users find the business that suits their needs, based on a thorough, data-backed vetting process.

Selectedly, compiles lists of the Top 10 Companies per product; service, and geographical location/zip code, approaching the process of list rankings with surgical precision. Each company listed on a Selectedly TOP 10 LIST has been evaluated through independent research by Selectedly experts, who focus on objective evaluation of customers reviews and feedback. The entire process takes place within the safe and secure survey Selectedly ecosystem, which guarantees fairness, neutrality and result consistency.

More specifically, Selectedly either reaches out to a candidate company and asks for their permission to be surveyed, or receives a nomination from a business that wishes to be evaluated for a position in a Selectedly TOP 10 LIST. Selectedly specialists then conduct preliminary research, and proceed to contact and survey each company’s past clients, before finally generating what Selectedly calls a “SCORE”. This SCORE is ultimately displayed in each company’s listing on the Selectedly website. Each company has to score no less than 90% to be entered into consideration as a Selectedly TOP-10 LIST COMPANY.

“We created the Selectedly TOP-10 LISTS to help consumers save precious time and money, by making it safe and above all easy for them to choose a company or professional that addresses their individual needs best,” said Mr. Brett W., Selectedly Media Representative. “Selectedly stands out from any other reviews site for its impartiality and zero tolerance of false data or fake reviews. We uphold the highest standards of excellence with regards to our methodology and result generation, and our goal is to offer the best possible user experience to all members of the Selectedly community.”

Consumers can visit Selectedly to find top-rated companies and professionals from across various industries, including, by not limited to, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or roofing service providers; contractors; plumbing companies; accountants; criminal lawyers; doctors, and much more – just by typing in what they are looking for, as well as their area zip code.

Selectedly’s TOP 10 LISTS per category for the San Francisco County area can be found here.

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