Bittyrina Launches Kickstarter Campaign In Support Of Leotank, A Multi-Use Leotard For Busy, Active Kids

October 08 23:25 2018

Life is about to get easier for itty bitty dancers and their parents, in light of the release of an new take on an iconic piece of dance and gymnastics apparel that promises to make dressing for class easier than ever before. Leotank, the multi-use leotard for busy, active kids created by Bittyrina, is now the star of a Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise the necessary funds to support the patent-pending invention’s mass production.

The Leotank is a reversible, convertible, detachable leotard, which is comprised of a leotard top which attaches to the bottoms at the waist, and is designed for children involved in one or more activities that call for a leotard, such as ballet, gymnastics, acrobatics, tap, jazz and other forms of dance. The Leotank’s creator intends for it to be available in a variety of tops and bottoms, as well as different bottom cuts to accommodate training pants and diapers. The latter will help very young dancers who are either already or in the process of being potty trained to enjoy their classes, virtually accident-free.

This innovative leotard was conceived by Ms. Brett L. Murphy, Founder of Bittyrina, who struggled with squeezing her daughter in ballet tights and leotards in between shuttling her to and fro her various dance classes. After experiencing the stress this process inflicted to not only her, but also to her young child, Ms. Murphy went on to create the Leotank prototype, and spent a year experimenting and fine-tuning various design aspects, using her growing daughter as a fit model.

After the Leotank got the seal of approval from her daughter, who is sensory-sensitive and extremely particular about the fit of clothing, Ms. Murphy was assured of the success of her invention, and its potential to help young dancers make the most out of their classes.

“At Bittyrina, we are dedicated to designing distraction-free dance wear for miniature dancers. The creation of the Leotank came naturally to me, seeing as my mission is to help bittyrinas fall in love with any form of dance or gymnastics they are involved in, and keep little dancers dancing. At the same time, I also want to help parents keep their kids active – despite any sensitivities or special needs they may have – and there is no better activity than dance to do so” said Ms. Murphy.

“We are asking for the public’s support to kick the Leotank’s production into high gear by the end of 2018. We believe that the Leotank will be embraced with enthusiasm by dance moms; instructors; dancers, and the dancing community as a whole, seeing as it allows everyone to come together through the unifying power of dance.”

The Leotank Kickstarter campaign is set to conclude on Friday, October 19th, 2018 at 7:46 PM UTC +03:00. Those interested in making their contribution are encouraged to do so in a timely manner, seeing as the project will only be funded in the event it reaches its financial goal before its conclusion.

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