Big Ox O2 Officially Launches New Higher-Capacity Canister

October 08 23:25 2018

Watchung, NJ – Oct. 8, 2018 – Big Ox O2, the leading recreational oxygen company in the U.S., has officially launched a high-capacity, 10-liter canister in response to customer demand.  The new canister has the same dimensions and size as the previous canister, but it is completely redesigned with strengthened aluminum walls and an upgraded oxygen-delivery nozzle (mouthpiece) made of high-density plastic.  Big Ox O2 users will now receive 40% more oxygen for the same spend.

Big Ox O2 was introduced to the U.S. market in 2016 after experiencing remarkable success abroad.  The new, upgraded Big Ox O2 canister and mouthpiece took nearly a year to perfect, as the product itself is used for many purposes by a broad range of end users including: gamers, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, extreme sports lovers, non-commercial pilots, hikers and mountain climbers, Uber and Lyft drivers, students studying long hours, and adults looking to relieve themselves of hangover headaches.

The growth of Big Ox O2 has been phenomenal because of its powerful social marketing appeal.  Big Ox O2 is ideal for individuals seeking to increase focus and energy without consuming a carbonated beverage containing sugar and other unproven, nearly-impossible-to-pronounce chemical ingredients.  Due to the proven, scientific benefits of 95% pure oxygen, consumers are going crazy over Big Ox O2, which has driven demand in some of the world’s largest retailers including Walmart, Amazon, and Bass Pro Shops.

Geoff Sweeney, Chief Innovation Officer, said of the new features, “We’re responding to the marketplace quickly.  Our repeat customers are a remarkable proof of concept; they prefer portable, high-purity oxygen to coffee and energy drinks.  There’s no agitation, no headaches, no crash, no calories.  What could be better for you than high-purity oxygen?”  Sweeney adds, “Our family, friends, and colleagues served as guinea pigs for this product less than two years ago.  Now the product is sold in some of the largest retailers in the nation.  So, we took a deep breath, pardon the pun, and committed to make the canister capacity bigger and easier to use.”

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Big Ox O2 was launched in the U.S. late 2016 to provide the marketplace with all-natural, 95% pure oxygen in portable canisters.  Having manufactured and distributed Medical Oxygen USP for many years to Hospitals and Nursing Homes, the company’s founders strongly believe in the daily advantages to using this product.  Thus, they introduced the World to the benefits of high-purity oxygen in a legal and recreational fashion.

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