Blockchain-Based Decentralized P2P Global Marketplace to Establish a Valuable Ecosystem for the Digital Sharing Economy

October 16 03:50 2018
Blockchain startup Era Swap introduces a robust peer-to-peer (p2p) marketplace to revitalize the freelancer sharing economy.

October 15th, 2018 – Malta – Era Swap is a social community platform that intends to be a valuable market for Time of services, Education and Crypto Assets. The platform houses several other interlinked platforms to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Sharing Economy

Era Swap looks to serve the freelancing trade by leveraging key features that come with blockchain technology including transparency, data control, fair pricing and the removal of third-party intermediaries.

Era Swap identifies freelancers as a significant part of emerging digital sharing economies, and due to the exponential growth of centralized sharing platforms that aggregate freelancer services, self-employed workers are getting a bad deal.

According to the Era Swap market analysis, there are many platforms of this kind which is getting more than 13 million job postings and over $3 billion in paid transactions in 2017 alone. But there is a problem – traditional freelance platforms charge about 10-20% fees per transaction and the profits of the platforms go to the company without any sharing with users. Additionally, data collected from users becomes the property of the platforms and can be used without their direct permission.

With blockchain technology Era Swap will remove the intermediaries, which makes huge savings for Era Swap Community on transactions fees, maximizing worker profits. It also returns control of data to the user and, redistributes profit back to the blockchain ecosystem shareholders.

Though blockchain isn’t without its limitations; issues such as slow transaction speeds, volatile cryptocurrencies as well as exchanging cryptocurrencies and paying higher transaction fees on those trades are facets that will be addressed by Era Swap.

Era Swap Ecosystem

The Era Swap marketplace is powered and sustained by a robust roster of interlinked features platforms that create a fluid and easy portal to buy and sell freelance services.

Time Swappers Platform – This is where ‘Time Traders’ market or purchase services from one another, it is also where ‘day-swappers’ grow and maintain the platform alongside ‘curators’ who monitor the platform.

Era Swap Wallet – To meet the demands of a distributed community platform, Era Swap is launching a multi-crypto wallet that allows for certain tokens to be exchanged within the wallet, saving on transaction fees.

ComputeEx – This is an AI bot deployment service that tracks the best crypto exchange rates across the world for its users, and provides a 50% discount for those using the platforms native Era Swap Token.

TimeAlly – To reduce the volatility of Era Swap Token, Era Swap is utilizing the meticulous design of this smart contract to reward users who lock their tokens in the smart contract. Era Swap rewards are 50% upfront in liquid tokens and 50% are routed through TimeAlly Smart Contract over time to keep volatility as stable as possible. This is a crucial element of the platform, controlling some of the demand-supply of the token.

Blocklogy – This element of Era Swap is designed to be a Blockchain education system developed by KMPARDS, an organization funding Era Swap. The e-learning platform provides services starting from 8th-grade students and up. It intends to expose students to blockchain and aims to have them proficient in blockchain coding within five years.

KMPARDS – Having provided the foundations and seeding for the Era Swap Ecosystem, the team at KMPARDS will govern all Era Swap strategies including pre-mining a smart contract and diversifications as well as evolve commercial interests.

BuzCafe – BuzCafe will be pushing the Era Swap branding out into the world with a Rating and service guideline that awards a 2.5% bonus of newly released Era Swap Token distribution. Furthermore, it offers special deals and services to TimeAlly holders.

Era Swap Token Sale

Era Swap token is a utility token with a price of 0.00005804 ETH per 1 Era Swap token. Era Swap token sale offers 18% bonus from 16th October 2018 to 30th November 2018 and 8% bonus from 1st December to 31st December.

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