Become a Real-Life Detective with Belgian Start-Up Crimibox

August 03 01:00 2019
Become a Real-Life Detective with Belgian Start-Up Crimibox

Ghent, Belgium – Belgian start-up Crimibox has launched their all-new investigation: Missing in Jericho, on Kickstarter. “In his immersive game you lead your own digital investigation,” explains Jimmy, the founder and self-declared Chief Murder Officer of the start-up.

From solving murders to plotting them

To say Crimibox is not your average workplace, is an understatement. The people working at the young start-up create lifelike detective mysteries for a living. The team draws inspiration from all sorts of places: classic detective stories, literature, a disturbing form of imagination and true crime. But Jimmy, the founder of Crimibox, has some true inside information. He worked for the police for over twelve years.

“I loved what I did. Chasing justice, following the story, changing the world one case at a time. But I always had this nagging feeling wanting to share this thrilling feeling with others. That’s why I founded Crimibox. The cases we make are all fictional but extremely lifelike. The leads you follow, the places you go, the suspect you meet, they never feel made-up. We want to give you the real deal, make you feel like a real detective. Heck, I should know what that’s like. I was one myself for quite some time.”

A digital experience in the real world

Missing in Jericho is a digital mystery. That means you’ll get all the evidence on your mobile device of choice via an app: Crime HQ. But does this mean you’ll be focusing on that little screen during the whole investigation? Jimmy explains how the investigation in so much more than an app:

“You start from the Crime HQ, but you really shouldn’t get too comfortable there. The evidence you get at the start of the case is only just the beginning. You’ll have to call suspicious numbers, go through social media accounts, venture to the far reaches of the web. We pride ourselves on being completely unpredictable. No investigation is the same. You can also use physical objects like notebooks and crime boards to make sure you don’t get lost in the intricate story. We love putting our detectives to the test. There’s no clear path, no easy solution. You’ll have to follow clues on whatever path you take. But what path that is up to you. We wanted to make our mystery as accessible but also as nature-friendly as possible. That’s why we choose to give you all the first clues digitally. You’ll get everything you need in surprising ways. We’ll make sure of that. Or rather, you will have to make sure of that yourself.”

From humble beginnings to a global crime scene

Missing in Jericho will be the biggest case Crimibox has ever made. They have come a long way since Jimmy started the company but they’re not home quite yet.

“The very first investigation was just an idea. I had no clue whether this was something people were interested in doing. I was surprised and delighted people were. They loved the first case, so we made another, and another. The team kept growing and now we have over 7000 In the Netherlands and Belgium fans. That’s great. But we want more. I’d love to share our criminal mayhem with the world.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. Because this case will be bigger and more intricate than anything they’ve ever created before, they are looking for extra funding. The target amount they’ve selected (about 16,000 dollars) is everything they need to do the story justice. “We truly love this project to death. Pun intended. Help us bring it to life,” says Jimmy.

Become a detective yourself

Do you want to discover what it’s like to a detective and bring criminals to justice? Are you a true crime addict who’s a fan of all things police or mystery? Then this might be the thrill you’re looking for.

You can start your case right now on Kickstarter.

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