Change the GPS Location of an iPhone Instantly without Jailbreaking

August 30 16:48 2019
Double Location device offers a simple solution to fake iPhone GPS location. Just plug it into an iPhone, and that will change the location instantly.

Double Location is a device that can help the iPhone owner, gamer or people who need to protect their privacy to tweak or change completely the GPS location. Currently, there are many fake gps location iPhone iOS applications that have a feature to change the GPS location where the application installed. Mostly, these applications don’t work as it said. The worst of all, these applications need a “jailbreak” before it can be installed on the iPhone.

Double Location uses a different method to change the GPS location of the iPhone. It doesn’t need to jailbreak. It also comes in the form of a physical device. It can be connected through the port on the iPhone, without changing too much on the device itself. This device also comes with a special application that can be used to adjust its setting. The iPhone owner can set and change the new location of their iPhone from the default location that comes within the product. Check sample from this youtube video

This fake gps location no jailbreak without jailbreak device has many purposes. For example, an iPhone owner that wants to get a new feature from a certain application that needs a change of location frequently, now can do it easily without moving too much. There are also many games where the player needs to move to a new location to get certain items or character. This device can solve that problem easier. And, many people have used this device and feel satisfied with its features and functionality.

“The device is tiny and it connects in a blink of an eye. I can say it’s stable as I left It running for over 10 hours straight without any problems. I also have the Pro version, but the freedom of not worrying about the lightning port it’s pretty sweet,” said Tom, Double Location device customer

Double Location device is useful for the following apps (not limited to the list):

– GPS-based Games: Pokemon Go, Ingress, Wizards Unite, Minecraft Earth, etc.

– Social Media: Tinder, Snapchat Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc.

– Location Tracker: Find Friends, Life360, Find My iPhone, etc.

Double Location is compatible with all iOS up to iOS12.4. Currently, there are three types of these gps location spoof iPhone ios available, which are the Double Location BT, Double Location Mini, and Double Location Pro. These devices are available on its official website at They also ship their products internationally.

About Double Location

Double Location is a unique device that can help iPhone owner to fake their iPhone GPS location. This device can be used and installed without jailbreaking the iPhone. And, it works instantly once it is plugged into the iPhone port.

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