Turning Tides Releases a Sustainable Shop for Upcycled Apparel and Unique Home Goods

January 26 18:57 2021
Turning Tides Releases a Sustainable Shop for Upcycled Apparel and Unique Home Goods

Turning Tides is a sustainable shop for upcycled apparel and unique home goods. They give brands that implement eco-friendly practices a space to sell their items and collaborate with like-minded creators. The artists of Turning Tides take local, recycled and second-hand materials to create one of a kind, handcrafted apparel, and home goods.

Turning Tides was founded in Dallas, TX by Taylor Springett and Nash Bayoud at the beginning of 2020. They met in 2017 and realized the best thing they had in common was their passion and drive to make a positive impact on the world. Their mission with Turning Tides is to inspire others to get involved in restoring the planet by offering an alternative lifestyle of slow fashion and home goods. The Turning Tides motto states: “Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

While shopping with Turning Tides, expect to lower the carbon footprint and be involved in giving back to the community of Dallas. Every purchase helps the company with their annual fundraising cause. Their cause varies from year to year — last year they had an event raising money and clothes for the homeless community in DFW, and this year they are turning scraps and trash into comfy beds for local animal shelters.

Their use of second-hand materials allows for many of Turning Tides’ products to be one of a kind items — making everything unique, just as nature intended. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check back next week! Turning Tides is consistently updating their website and uploading new items for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Another eco-friendly aspect of Turning Tides is their Long-Term Satisfaction Guarantee. C’est la vie, and messy situations are bound to happen. This is why Turning Tides offers all of their customers a chance to ship damaged or old products back to them for repair, or if the item is damaged beyond repair, a discount on their next purchase.

The company relies heavily on second-hand materials to create their line of apparel and home goods. Periodically, Turning Tides will open up their donation option on their website where local donors can meet with one of their sales reps for a pickup of donated fabrics and clothing. In return for your donation, you will receive a discount code for the website.

Turning Tides’ free online resource center offers reliable information to assist everyone in learning how to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle, and how to be a better ally to the LGBT+ community, the Black community, and Native American communities. Living more sustainably means many different things to each person. Shifting our views and actions in small ways such as reusing packaging, volunteering our time to a local cause, liking and sharing our friends’ business adventures on social media, and buying local all go a long way in terms of global and local improvement.

Those interested in joining the team, scroll to the bottom of their website to learn about their amazing affiliate program. For artists or makers of eco-friendly works looking to expand their audience-base and a platform to sell their finished products sold on their platforms, head to the company’s ‘contact’ page and submit a request. Turning Tides loves to work with everyone and share their platform with like-minded creatives!

“We have big mouths and even bigger hearts.
We’re here to show other brands and the people of our planet
that if we can live and work sustainably, so can you.
We’re no longer accepting excuses.
We can save our planet, but only if we change. 
Change the way we buy.
Change the way we use.
And change the way we live. 
Break the cycle. 
Be the change.
Turn the Tides.”

For more information, visit https://turningtidesusa.com/

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