Scummy Showers A Thing of The Past with GlassGuard

January 26 19:00 2021
2 Products That Will Save Consumers Over 90% Cleaning Time.

Australian business, GlassGuard, entered the household cleaning market as a small ecommerce concept in early 2020. Since then, it has boomed into an online store with global reach and hundreds of thousands of thankful customers. This article will outline two of GlassGuard’s best-selling glass cleaning products, the Glass Restoration Stain Remover and the Nanocoat DIY Kit.

The GlassGuard Glass Restoration Stain Remover formula contains three main ingredients: Cerium Oxide, Eucalyptus Oil and a specially designed dissolving agent. The dissolving agent is a true powerhouse, the acidic properties stripping away hard water stains, soap scum and other nasties that converge on glass surfaces. Cerium Oxide is the best-kept secret of glass restoration experts around the world. Being too expensive for most well-known brands to include it in their products, GlassGuard have integrated it in their formula so that anyone can achieve the same, crystal clear results as the professionals at a fraction of the cost.

GlassGuard’s Glass Restoration Stain Remover formula is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic which means it is easy to use and dispose of, making the bathroom clean a breeze rather than a chore. All it takes is a 2-step application. The Stain Remover is applied to the glass and left to work its magic for 20-30 minutes. The special acidic dissolving agent works to make tough stains soluble. Then, using the non-abrasive scourer included in every pack, a little extra scrub allows the Cerium Oxide to polish away the dissolved stains, restoring the glass back to new.

GlassGuard are so sure about this that they offer a 60 day no-monkey-business money back guarantee. It is simple, either the glass is crystal clear, or the product is free.

The second product in the spotlight today is the GlassGuard Nanocoat DIY Kit. The porous nature of glass means that, if left to its own devices, it will fill up with dirt, grime and soap scum. The pores also allow water to stick to the glass, leaving water spots from the minerals that water holds. This usually results in hard to clean glass and permanent glass staining.

The application of this product on a clean glass fills the pores on the surface, leaving no bumps and grooves for water, grime, dirt and soap scum to cling to. This makes cleaning easier and keeps glass in a terrific state for much longer. It also protects the glass from nasty stains and damaging etching.

This Nanocoat Kit includes all the bells and whistles anyone could need to apply a protective coating to their glass. It is a simple process, easy enough for anyone to apply and one coating can last 5+ years. A simple spray of the Nanocoat formula onto freshly cleaned glass applies the non-stick coating. A wipe with a microfibre cloth then helps the coating agent dry and bond with the glass.

These two products together are a flawless defence against a grimy, stained shower and have reported to save some customers up to 90% of their regular cleaning time for glass surfaces.

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