Inspiring My Generation Corporation: An Inspiration at the Forefront of Mental Health Awareness

February 23 18:12 2021
Inspiring My Generation Corporation: An Inspiration at the Forefront of Mental Health Awareness

In a century marked by continuous technological advancement, innovation, scientific advances, and intellectual awareness, it is hard to believe that there is still a negative stigma surrounding mental health. Despite the admirable improvements in the state of mental health awareness throughout the years, mental health support and quality treatment are still deemed as a privilege instead of a right. Thus, Inspiring My Generation Corporation, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility, was established.

Inspiring My Generation was founded by Francesca Reicherter, a 22-year-old activist with a passion and determination to make mental health resources, support, and treatment accessible to all. In January 2019, Francesca lost her Uncle to suicide; just 27 days prior, her Uncle was the one who supported her after her own suicide attempt. After spending a week hospitalized in a psych ward, Francesca learned firsthand that mental health awareness, support, and treatment were inadequate at best. However, when she learned that patients hospitalized in a psych ward are 100-200x more likely to die by suicide due to the stigma and lack of emotional and financial support, Francesca knew her purpose was to become a voice for those who lost theirs to suicide.

Inspiring My Generation was founded on three main principles: end the stigma, let individuals struggling know they are not alone, and make quality treatment accessible. To conquer this, the nonprofit developed four main initiatives. In 2020, Francesca began hosting the “Normalize The Conversation” IGTV series. The series is intended to amplify the voices of mental health professionals, advocates, and any individuals willing to stand with them in hopes of ending the stigma and ensuring to those struggling that they are not alone. To take it one step further, every month, patients hospitalized in psych wards receive handmade encouragement cards as part of the corporation’s movement toward supporting and encouraging individuals who need it most.

To further fight the disparity, Inspiring My Generation Corporation created a grant to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford treatment, making it accessible to all without financial constraints. Lastly, the nonprofit works to stand up against the policies and laws that work against individuals living with mental illness. In 2020, the nonprofit began drafting letters to state government leaders to stand against discrimination among students with mental illness in the higher education system. In February 2021, the nonprofit began circulating a petition to the White House and State Governments concerning laws that guarantee affordable, quality mental health treatment in all mental hospitals.

Being true to the purpose of establishing the corporation, every penny raised from their fundraising events goes back into the nonprofit’s mission of raising awareness, improving support, and making treatment accessible. Their brand speaks as a source of hope and support, and their path toward success is built on the desire to change and make a real impact on the state of mental health.

Through the Inspiring My Generation clothing collections, openness to receiving donations through checks, and the opportunity for individuals to make encouragement cards, the corporation raises funds and connects to individuals with the same heart and passion for letting others know that they are not alone. With the names of the clothing collections reflecting their advocacy, “Therapy for All,” “You Are,” and “Never Lose Hope,” they intend to reinforce hope while simultaneously raising enough funds to continuously support individuals living with mental illness.

The increasing awareness of the state of mental health brought rise to the number of individuals who are also becoming interested in showing support. Despite the growing heart toward individuals experiencing mental health concerns, some find it hard to look for means to contribute and take part in ending the stigma and directly contributing to these individuals’ wellness. Inspiring My Generation Corporation is a step closer to this advocacy.

To take part in the mission of fighting the disparity in mental health awareness, support, and treatment accessibility, you may visit their website for more information.

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