MEYA App: music journeys to reprogram the mind

April 21 15:49 2021
MEYA App: music journeys to reprogram the mind

MEYA App: music journeys to reprogram the mind

The mind is like a software programme, which holds all conscious and subconscious beliefs about who users are. Some of these beliefs are limiting and can cause low self-esteem. In order to overcome them and install new empowering ones, most self-development practices include – in some ways – the technique of “positive affirmations”. A practice that, by repetition and with the power of intention, can be very effective to positively re-programme the mind.

However, the practice is effective when it is regular, as the more frequently the intention and the affirmations are repeated the more they impact on the mind. Similarly to when our parents repeated to us so many times to look left and right before crossing a road, and that attitude became a subconscious habit, when App users repeat to themselves or they listen to empowering affirmations like “I am grateful”, “I am strong” or “I choose to believe in myself”, these beliefs sink in subconscious mind and, as a consequence, they are expressed in thoughts, in words, postures and actions.

If positive affirmations can have such a transformative impact in our lives, why don’t we practice them every day?

Simple: because we forget. We are distracted and, as for any new habit, there is always a sub-conscious resistance that makes us postpone it or forget all the time.

That’s why MEYA, a new app that fuses music with meditation and mind mastery techniques, has combined the practice with music. The electronic music, produced by top DJs, embeds some guidance and the positive suggestions so that doing the practice can become as easy and enjoyable as listening to a song.

MEYA’s in-house producers have created soundtracks in different music genres – from melodic deep beats to uplifting and empowering electronic house.

Tariq Ibrahim MEYA’s co-founder and music producer explains:

“Empowering beliefs can be ingrained in the mind with repetition: the repetition of empowering messages embedded in the song with vocals “hooks”, echoes combined with the rhythmic entrainment, which helps to bring the mind to a relaxed “receiving”, can really have a positive impact on the state of the mind. We are making electronic music a mental health tool.

MEYA app Mental coaches suggest a daily practice of period of at least 21 days in order to see results. The app offer free sample to try and 30day free period to test a month of the practice

The MEYA app is available on App Store and Google Play

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