Lockdown in Bangladesh: Fight Against Hidden Hunger & Saving the Ultra-Poor by Charity Right Int.

May 12 02:12 2021

Down in Bangladesh: Fight Against Hidden Hunger & Saving the Ultra-Poor by Charity Right Int.

Bangladesh is observing a “Strict Lockdown”, ordering the closure of the work stations and transports to push back the ramifications of the second wave of deadly coronavirus infections. Country capital Dhaka, being one of the biggest & fastest-growing mega metropolitan cities in the world is witnessing the dreadful upshot out of this lockdown undergoing amid April.  While the infection rate is skyrocketing, poverty strikes a third of Dhaka’s residents, mostly living in slums limiting their earning sources.

Adequate access to food with a minimal living wage is now a major challenge for the city dwellers. As part of its measures to help the general public, the government has allotted nearly 13 million aiming ultra-poor people as a special aid program. The district administration in coordination with local public representatives & NGOs is working together to increase the aid amount to review the crisis. Dhaka DC office is proactively doing food relief programs to remove sufferings of the people.

The Charity Right is an international social welfare organization working worldwide whose work is aligned with the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to overcome hunger and eradicating the vicious cycle of extreme poverty. It is essentially a food programme that provides daily hot meals to the neglected communities across different districts in Bangladesh, delivering nutritious food to school children and adults to free themselves from hunger and malnutrition.

Charity Right Bangladesh in partnership with the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka District has endeavored to distribute emergency food reliefs among the underprivileged people of the Dhaka city suffering from the scarcity of food. It is a month-long campaign for supporting people in different area of the city, who are being suffered due to covid situation & can’t get enough of their livelihood due to this situation.

Md. Shahidul Islam, Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of Dhaka said, “It is not only our administerial duty but also our moral duty to stand beside the people who are being affected by Covid situation.”

“One of the crucial impacts of these covid crisis is increasing unemployment for some families. Our goal is to support them with the minimum necessities they deserve. Most importantly, we are doing these so that more people can be encouraged to come forward so that no people in this city go hungry,” he added.

Ashfaq Zaman, Country Director of Charity Right Bangladesh said, “We are trying to stand firmly beside the plight of people dwelling in the streets & affected by the covid situation.  We all should come up with all our preventive measures to support them as a vast swathe of our population, particularly the economically vulnerable groups are suffering just in front of us. 11 per cent urban slum-dwellers could not have three meals in the last month. I will be happy if our food support can add a little more on the plates who are in need in real.”

It is evident that the coronavirus infections are changing the extent and nature of access to sufficient food & daily necessities creating a situation of “hidden hunger”. Social organizations working alongside the government by utilizing the key infrastructures is one of the best ways to combat this situation.

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