For a Better Night’s Sleep, People Upgrade Their Bedrooms

May 14 01:30 2021
For a Better Night's Sleep, People Upgrade Their Bedrooms

A good night’s sleep remains elusive for many Americans. Sadly, these individuals find a lack of sleep negatively affects their quality of life. Many factors play a role in sleep disturbances. However, Terry Cralle, a registered nurse and certified Clinical Sleep Educator, feels the room in which a person sleeps is important in how much rest the individual gets. She believes changing the sleeping space goes a long way in overcoming this common issue. 

Upgrade Your Mattress

People spend several hours each day on their mattresses. If the mattress isn’t comfortable, the individual isn’t getting a good night’s rest. Men and women need a mattress that provides the right balance between support and comfort. The mattress must help maintain spinal alignment, while the comfort is determined by the ability of the mattress to relieve pressure points. A couple might find they need a bigger mattress so both partners can move easily. Furthermore, as people age, their skin loses elasticity, so a plush mattress might be needed to relieve sensitivity at pressure points. Visit Dewaard & Bode ( to see the many styles available today and find the right one for your needs. 

Make Sleep the Priority

According to Cralle, sleep needs to be the priority when it comes to your bedroom. Any items that aren’t used for this purpose need to be removed from the bedroom. This includes items stored under the bed. Exercise equipment, books, work projects, and more should move elsewhere in the home. If items must stay in this room, make sure they are neat and tidy. Reserve the nightstand for a lamp and glass of water. A person might also keep a book or journal on the nightstand, but other items should be taken to a different location. 

Keep Electronics Out of the Bedroom

Electronics have no place in the bedroom. They distract a person and may interfere with their sleep. The light emitted by these devices can also negatively affect sleep. Remove more than mobile phones and tablets. Digital alarm clocks and cable boxes serve as two other sources of distraction. If these items must remain in the bedroom, hide them in a cabinet or armoire. 

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Avoid hardwood floors in the bedroom. When one partner rises before the other, rugs help to minimize the noise they make. Plush rugs work best, as they are comfortable on the feet and muffle noises. 

Upholstered furniture is also of great help in keeping noise out of the bedroom and may be used in conjunction with a ceiling fan. The fan moves air in the room and supplies white noise that can be of great help in lulling a person to sleep and keeping them asleep. Consider tapestries and fabric wall hangings to dull noises coming from the outside or other rooms in the residence. 

Never discount the importance of a good night’s sleep. People who suffer from chronic insomnia find they are more at risk of several diseases. This includes diabetes, heart disease, and more. Make changes to your bedroom today. When you do, you’ll find you get the rest you need to wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Visit for more information today. 

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