Student-Mom Upgrading Medication Storage in American Homes with MedAid Caddy

July 20 12:15 2021
MedAid Caddy offers people a way to organize and store medications by symptoms. It is Portable, easy to store, and travel Ready.

A first-generation immigrant from Nigeria and University of Texas Student is changing the way medications are stored in American homes.

Amaka, a College of Pharmacy student, just launched a product on Kickstarter that helps people organize medications by symptoms and ready to reach when needed.

When speaking to Amaka about her motivation, she explained that working as a Pharmacist Intern, she would get calls from patients asking for recommendations, and 75% of the time will make a recommendation with something they have in their home. However, because they could not recall the indication, they call the pharmacy. To validate this problem, she surveyed other pharmacy professionals who reported same.

Besides seeing the problem faced by patients, she added that two months postpartum, she also had trouble reaching for her fast relief medication, and needed to move all her meds from the kitchen to her bedroom with a basket.

Amaka stated that her eureka moment for a solution was after encountering a patient who took the wrong over-the-counter medication because his medication cabinet was disorganized, and most meds looked alike.

The patent-pending MedAid Caddy was created to address three core issues; minimize medication error, waste from expired meds, and Clutter that makes it hard to access meds at the exact time it is needed. Medication Organization is the first step to promoting and ensuring medication adherence. The human mind is constantly busy, and as Daniel J. Levitin said, we need to shift the burden of organizing from our brains to the external world.

An average household does not need more than one class of medication per symptom. For instance, one does not need two bottles of Tylenol unless prescribed for maintenance. However, because of the existing poor storage methods, people tend to buy meds they already have. Eventually, they all expire, resulting in waste of money to the patient, and an increase in United States medical waste.

The number of medications discarded in homes annually is unwarranted, and it is exciting that MedAid Caddy can indirectly minimize it.

When asked what it has been like venturing into entrepreneurship as a pharmacist intern. She said, “Applying the scientific knowledge to develop this product is easy, what’s new is navigating the ropes of getting the product out there. Humans are unique, set in their ways when it comes to having a routine, and getting them to upgrade from their current methods require education and re-learning. However, people tend to forget that for every minute spent re-learning and organizing, several hours are earned. That is also what differentiates the early adopters. One of the great features of MedAid Caddy is that it is portable, can be stored anywhere (Kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom cabinets), and is travel-ready.”

Amaka concluded by stating that her mission is creating and implementing solutions. MedAid Caddy is only the first of many more to come.

Looking to get involved, back, support this project, or get MedAid Caddy? It is currently available for pre-orders at

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