Amoe8a Bolsters Entry Control Services With New Speed Gate, Swing Gate, and Barrier Gate

July 20 22:15 2021
The company combines cloud, AI, and IoT for control and parking management solutions.

Amoe8a, a progressive security solutions provider in the parking management and entrance control spaces, is offering sleek speed gates, advanced swing gates, and secure turnstiles for incorporation into entrance control efforts, smart parking systems, and payment integrations. The company promotes three core products: a speed gate, a swing gate, and a barrier gate, as well as a classic tripod turnstile option.

Starting with the SFZ-120, the world’s slimmest speed gate, this product is meant for high-end business environments with its simply elegant design and slim nature. Since its cabinet width of all lane configurations is 100mm, placing this subtle unit in an office will keep the area secure without imposing a bulky, noticeable presence. The 121mm diameter standalone swing gate, the CP-120, is just slightly wider than the SFZ-120 but features a slimmer body. It’s a fairly new swing gate design with a lightweight construction that can support up to 1500mm if used in a pair. Its IoT capabilities mean that end-users can manage entry control or parking systems with ease through a user-friendly interface as well. Lastly, the KG-520 barrier gate is the traditional take on parking entrance control. This unit is meant for parking garages and similar applications, with its large single turnstile and boxed design.

By combining these products with their technological expertise, Amoe8a is able to carry out a range of pedestrian control, smart parking, and payment integration projects. Their teams implement speed gates, swing gates, and tripod turnstiles for entrance control of business spaces, libraries, airports, schools, and other areas requiring personnel identification. With their KG-520 barrier gate, Amoe8a seamlessly delivers parking lot management solutions for parking lot management, cloud-based parking platforms, automated payments, and multi-payment functionality.

About Amoe8a Security Control Co., Ltd

Amoe8a aims to develop a user-friendly approach to entrance control and parking management systems with innovative cloud, AI, and IoT technologies. The company provides custom system integrations like facial recognition and thermal sensors, on top of designing and manufacturing foundational entrance control equipment such as speed gates, speedlanes, and turnstiles. Amoe8a’s list of services can be viewed here.

To contact the Amoe8a offices, interested customers can submit a form on their website, email with any inquiries, or call +886 975 790 326.

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