Zondra TV and LeadHERship Global Announce New Partnership

July 21 20:51 2021

Dallas, TX, USA – July 21, 2021 – A new partnership has been announced between the award-winning media network Zondra TV and LeadHERship Global, the most trusted global network of women leaders. This partnership amplifies the visibility of women business owners and extends the influence of their vision by providing a comprehensive media platform utilizing streaming technologies. Zondra TV will be developing a LeadHERshsip Global series focused on elevating business brands and providing exposure through streaming TV technology for LeadHERship Global members, representing leadership across business, entertainment and politics.

LeadHERship Global is a confidential and supportive community of women in leadership designed to help all members accelerate their definition of success. LeadHERship Global enhances the leadership blueprint of unstoppable women worldwide and helps them embrace their power to be the best version of themselves – in work and life.

“On the LeadHERship Global show launching on Zondra TV, women will come together for powerful conversations around life and leadership. On the LeadHERship Global show, women in leadership will share their experiences as a female pioneer, trailblazer and leader offering powerful insights around business and leadership,” said Linda Fisk, CEO and Founder of LeadHERship Global. “In partnership with Zondra TV, we will be helping our members create impact by raising their profile and expand their visibility and broaden their sphere of influence.”

LeadHERship Global members have the opportunity to do a live or virtual 30-minute interview on Zondra TV, which includes a custom landing page, a social media campaign with cross-promotion, and a 30-second professional video reel for only $450 – for LeadHERship Global members only.

About Linda Fisk

Linda Fisk is a multi-award-winning leader, keynote speaker, author, and university professor dedicated to amplifying and extending the success of other high-caliber business leaders. She is the co-Founder of LeadHERship Global, a community of unstoppable women enhancing their leadership blueprint and embracing their power to be the best version of themselves- in work and life. In LeadHERship Global, Linda supports and guides ambitious, creative women to move in the direction of their purpose, their mission, and their dreams with powerful connections, critical support, practical tools, and valuable resources to show up, speak up and step up in their careers and personal lives.

For more information or to receive 20% off any level of membership, visit www.LeadHERshipGlobal.com.

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