Turfume™: The World’s First Luxury Fragrance Solution to Embarrassing Outdoor Pet Odor

July 30 01:48 2021
Finally, an all-in-one luxury fragrance and cleaning product for your artificial grass and patio!

Outdoor pet odor is a real bummer.

There’s nothing quite like a base tone of dog urine wafting through the air at a summer BBQ to create a truly unforgettable ambiance. While furry friends are effortlessly loyal companions and unconditional givers of love, they sure can stink up a backyard space.

100 square feet or 1,000 square feet makes no difference when it comes to pet odor. Unless regular pee spots are rinsed and washed after every elimination, pet urine will seep deep into the surface and create an unpleasantly persistent scent. Who actually has the time (and emotional stamina) to maintain this rigorous of a cleaning schedule?

Introducing Turfume™ the world’s first luxury fragrance solution to embarrassing outdoor pet odor. Turfume™ is an odor eliminating spray formulated with biodegradable cleansers and emulsifiers, phthalate-free fragrances, and skin-safe ingredients. With a kid-safe, reusable spray bottle (designed to reduce virgin plastic usage) and water-free concentrates, Turfume™ can eliminate pet odor on artificial grass, patios, decks, dog beds, garage floors, and even doggy-bag filled trash cans.

Personal care products, artisan candles, and home air fresheners come in a wide-range of individual and blended scents that smell divine. Why can’t a backyard space have similar aromatic flare? Turfume™ has 8 designer fragrances including seasonal and evergreen scents: Tropical Mango Papaya, Fresh Cut Grass, Provincial Lavender Mint, Mediterranean Blood Orange, Juicy Peach, Indian Sandalwood, and Country Apple Orchard.

Pet odors aren’t the only outdoor problem eliminated with Turfume™ solution… Say “sayonara” to pesky bugs and rodents with the Pest Repellent Super Blend featuring citronella, lemongrass, and peppermint to ward off unwanted backyard visitors.

To Turfume™ a backyard space, fill the reusable spray bottle with 1L of water. Carefully pour 1 concentrate bottle into the spray bottle. Replace the spray bottle cap and gently swirl the Turfume™ solution. Pump the spray bottle to desired pressure and spray on outdoor surface area.

The Turfume™ reusable spray bottle is priced at $15, and is positioned as a one-time purchase. Concentrates are $12 per bottle. All products are available online at www.turfume.com.

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