Influencer Security To Help Clients Ethically Fight The Unethical Practices Of Individuals And Corporate Brands Against Them

November 19 14:24 2021

The online company describes itself as online bodyguards and vigilantes for helping people protect their reputation and fight against large corporations trying to intimidate them with brand might 

Influencer Security has announced that individuals and brands under attack from other companies, brands, and influencers can rely on its services to fight back against such intimidation and get oppressive entities and competitors off their backs.

The company, which describes itself as an online bodyguard, possesses a team of experienced and highly talented ethical trollers skilled in fishing out the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of different individuals and brands, as well as using such information against them.

Influencer Security says that it has a long history in SEO, private investigations, social media marketing, website design, video marketing, and advertising. Adding that it has years of experience in fighting back against mistreatment both for itself and clients alike. 

The internet vigilantes promise complete confidentiality, revealing that they sometimes prefer to work without knowing the identity of their clients. The company prides its reputation above everything else and operates a structure that runs all the different phases for a particular project by the client, for approval before execution.

Claiming to have connections all over Asia and Russia, Influencer Security maintains that it does not get involved in attacking families or innocent people, nor does it work for scammers against decent companies. And also insists that it will neither physically harm nor threaten people.

While trolling, hoaxes, pranks, spoof websites, and fake social media campaigns are some of its choice weapons. Influencer Security clarifies that it will not engage in the trolling of governments, charities, armies, police, or religious groups. And will also not try to land people in prison.

It adds that the sheer amount of resources required to pull off certain projects, including accounts, blogs, domains, trusted staff, and dedicated IPs are time-consuming and also make its service somewhat expensive. 

However, clients are advised to reach out to the company with their needs for it to perform an evaluation and then advise on what steps are best to take.

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