Expat Empire Helps People Achieve Their Moving Abroad Dreams

January 12 22:30 2022

Expat Empire makes moving abroad easier with expert consulting services and advice from experienced expats around the globe. They support digital nomads, employees, entrepreneurs, retirees, and more in taking their next steps abroad. 

The team at Expat Empire has been hard at work since 2018 helping people from all over the world to move, live, and work abroad in the ways that they want to. Long-time expats themselves, the Expat Empire team distills the complicated and overwhelming information on the Internet about moving abroad into useful advice and actionable takeaways through their content and consulting services for their clients. 

“I knew I wanted to live and work in other countries since I was quite young,” says founder David McNeill. “After carving my own path to living abroad in Singapore, China, Japan, Germany, and now Portugal over the last decade, I found myself wondering why there weren’t more people living outside of their home countries. That curiosity motivated me to create Expat Empire, a company that inspires people to live abroad and supports them in making it happen. Our mission is to make living and moving abroad a more attainable dream for more people around the world.” 

In addition to producing content such as online courses, blog posts, Expat Empire Podcast episodes, books, and more, Expat Empire offers several consulting services to provide their clients with the support they need to manage a stressful move abroad. Here’s a look at some of the ways they support their clients in moving, living, and working abroad: 

• 1-on-1 Coaching with the company’s founder David McNeill sharing his knowledge and advice on all topics related to living abroad- Destination Comparison services help clients to use a data-driven approach when deciding between several countries or cities to move to 

• Visa Planning services empower clients to evaluate their long-stay visa options in their dream countries while considering their unique situations and requirements- Timeline Planning services show upcoming expats and digital nomads exactly what steps they need to take before, during, and after going abroad and when they should complete them by 

• International Job Search services support individuals who want to find local jobs in foreign countries- Remote Work Roadmap services provide a clear path forward for people to transition into remote work arrangements and take their careers with them as they travel or live abroad 

Outside of their own service offerings, Expat Empire also works with a global network of international partners including immigration lawyers, tax accountants, relocation experts, and more in key destinations around the world to ensure that their clients get the in-person support they need in their new destinations. 

“Every move abroad presents its own unique challenges,” David continues, “and we do our best to help our clients overcome them. Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for anyone considering moving, living, or working abroad. We offer our services alongside the partners in our global network to support our clients from the very earliest stages of their international journey until they are safely settled into their new homes in their dream destinations.” 

Reach Out and Get Started 

No matter their personal situation, the team at Expat Empire is ready to work with globally-minded people from around the world to find the best way for them to start the next chapter of their lives abroad. Beyond the inspiring content and in-depth consulting services, they are even offering a free consultation call for a limited time to people thinking about going abroad as an employee, entrepreneur, digital nomad, or retiree. 

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