Original Mood Ring Sold for Record Price as a Physical NFT

January 12 22:54 2022
A next-gen version of this pop culture icon is now available as the EthereuMood Ring NFT

NFT Creative Enterprises has announced the successful sale of its Original Gold Mood Stone (mood ring) at a record price ($65,000.00) for a smart wearable NFT. Subsequently, the Company is now offering a limited edition of EthereuMood ring NFTs paired with unique animated “mood art”. These NFTs are bundled with a crypto self-care series of stress management, emotional wellness, mindfulness and mental-physical performance enhancement content – including books and apps.

The new EthereuMood ring builds on the renewed awareness of the original science-based mood ring’s functionality as a viable stress-management biofeedback device. To this end, NFT Creative Enterprises has fast-tracked the design and development of the ultracontemporary and performance enhanced EthereuMood ring. Each ring owner also receives a new genre of interactive mood art created by Naomi Salazar, an artist recently recognized for her SpaceX NFT art. As an added bonus, each ring owner will also receive an ongoing digital series of crypto self-care services designed to meet the growing social need for practical stress relief and mental-emotional wellness.

The mood ring was developed at inventor Josh Reynolds’ biofeedback stress-management lab in Manhattan. “The mood stone is made of a special ‘thermochromic’ liquid crystal material that displays 7 colors reflecting a 20° range in finger temperatures over the day,” explains Reynolds. “With the new EthereuMood Ring paired with the self-care series, we aim to address the raging pandemic of social stress and personal angst with a fun, fashionable yet functional biofeedback accessory.”

Whereas the ring’s biofeedback capacity will help users quickly identify an unhealthy stress response, the self-care series will provide added utility with proven stress, mood and brain-health management techniques, programs, books and apps. Moreover, the ring’s unique Ethereum design and bright mood stone colors create a recognizable conversation piece that invites users to open up, share and engage with others.

History of the mood ring

The original mood ring was first trademarked as the Mood Stone. Josh Reynolds, the inventor of this innovative piece of “bio-jewelry” was a burned-out Wall Street exec who wanted to help others learn how to manage their stress. After a year of development, he introduced it into the market in 1975 along with financial backer and former US Congressman Joseph DioGuardi. Following this introduction, a tsunami of PR swept across the country and the retail industry went wild. A reported $250 million worth of mood rings sold in just 4 months, many of which were imitation knock-offs.

Public awareness of the original was further enhanced when celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Cher, Joe Namath, Ali McGraw, Polly Bergen, Sophia Loren and Paul Newman started wearing Mood Stone rings in public. TV talk show host Mike Douglas also did a special show on them. Muhammad Ali wrote a poem about his mood rings and Britney Spears and Lorde have both produced hit songs about the mood ring.

Based on sound science

Most likely the world’s first “smart wearable” accessory, the mood ring was developed at the Stress Transformation Center in Manhattan. Established by Reynolds and DioGuardi, the Center became one of the country’s first fully equipped stress-management clinics. As it grew, it started receiving referrals from psychologists and psychiatrists, including the William Alanson White Institute – a leading psychiatric institution in New York City.

The Mood Stone is a “thermal biosensor” of autonomic nervous system activity, capable of signaling the earliest stage of a user’s “fight or flight” stress response. It also proved to be an effective biofeedback device. As such, it enables rapid stress relief, especially when used with a deep relaxation technique, such as mindfulness, mantra meditation or deep rhythmic breathing (techniques are included in the crypto self-care series).

Unfortunately, the market was unaware of the real science behind the original, so the obvious inaccuracy of the imitation knockoffs soon created skepticism in the market. This resulted in widespread negative press. Nevertheless, the mood ring has enjoyed enduring multi-generational name recognition to this day, hence its recent breakout success as a physical NFT. What’s more, the science and technology behind the original mood stone biosensor have evolved to create a practical and effective self-awareness, stress-monitor and stress-relief aid. Yet, even with this valuable functionality, many believe its most universal value and appeal is simply as a fun, fashionable conversation starter.

The new NFT EthereuMood Ring and its self-care series are now being discussed in Clubhouse. They’re also popular topics of discussion on other social channels where stress management and emotional wellness are becoming an increasingly hot topic.

About the original mood ring

The Original Mood Ring was developed by Josh Reynolds as a science-based stress management biofeedback device that gauges the wearer’s “fight or flight” response to stress. The NFT version of this cultural icon also allows owners to enjoy a new genre of interactive art by Naomi Salazar of the SpaceX NFT collection. More importantly, these EthereuMood Rings are combined with stress relief and mental-emotional wellness books and apps designed to help the wearer more effectively manage his or her stress and anxiety. 

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