FMUSER Broadcast Launches Turnkey TV, Radio, and Broadcast Solution

May 11 18:35 2022
FMUSER Broadcast Launches Turnkey TV, Radio, and Broadcast Solution
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The company offers a wide range of broadcast products and services. FMUSER Broadcast specializes in providing broadcasting equipment, including transmitters, antennas, a complete radio station package, and more.

FMUSER Broadcast, a leading broadcast equipment solution from China, introduces a wide range of broadcasting equipment and radio station solutions. FMUSER Broadcast helps its clients to establish TV and radio stations with turnkey solutions. Their services utilize high-quality FM Broadcast Equipment such as a 1000W FM broadcast transmitter, Antenna, Cable, and RDS Encoder for their radio station package. FMUSER Broadcast radio station equipment package is affordable, and the company can deliver to worldwide destinations.

A representative of FMUSER Broadcast said, “FMUSER Broadcast has many years of experience in providing high-quality broadcast equipment for our client. Our radio packages are suitable for multiple purposes, such as Community Radio stations, LPFM radio stations, City radio stations, Christian Church radio stations, and many more. If you need our assistance in building your radio station, You can contact us for the best prices and don’t worry about the product assurance as we provide 1 year warranty for our professional broadcast transmitter products.”

FMUSER Broadcast offers a wide range of FM Radio Transmitters for radio stations. One of FMUSER Broadcast FM Radio Transmitter products, FMUSER FSN5-1000w, provides multiple features. It has a human-friendly touch screen operation that provides the best broadcasting experience and is simple for radio operators. Other than that, it has reliable performance and is stable for long term use. FMUSER FSN5-1000w has DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology that produces near CD-quality stereo sound effects and is ideal for broadcasting music with free noises or distortions.

Besides FM radio transmitter, FMUSER Broadcast is a perfect place for Digital TV Transmitter necessity. The company provides many types of Digital TV Transmitters for professional TV stations. The FU518D-100W DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T 100Watt transmitter with high-quality VHF/UHF is perfect for professional TV stations. Besides being able to provide multiple power tuning from 100W/200W/300W/500W, it also has a professional design and is made from high-quality material for durable and continuous operation.

FMUSER Broadcast has a broad range of services, starting from Turnkey Radio and TV station solutions to IP Audio and Video Broadcasting Transmission. As a broadcast equipment specialist, the company designs, manufactures, and produces multiple types of audio and video transmission equipment at competitive prices. Please contact FMUSER Broadcast support or visit for TV, Audio, and Radio Station solutions.

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