Due to the Popularity of “Sojourner’s Ridge,” the Author Judith Ward Daily, is Announcing the Release of her 2nd Printing

July 29 18:42 2022
According to the latest reports, author Judith Ward Daily, announces the re-launching of her novel, “Sojourner’s Ridge,” a complex mystery that will keep the reader wanting more.

29 July, 2022 – The renowned author, Judith Ward Daily, re-launches her book “Sojourner’s Ridge,” which depicts the story of a fourteen-year-old girl and her six-year-old brother from Arkansas and a successful writer from New York. Even though they are strangers, both sets of parents die on the same day, at the same exact time, which forms a connection between the brother-sister duo and the writer. Although the girl knows what happened, the writer has no clue. Keeping the truth a secret, the girl must find a way to survive.

The writer, determined to find out who killed her parents, chases endless clues until one day she discovers what the girl knows. But, if she tells the police, it could change the children’s lives forever. Is that a burden she is willing to carry? Or, is it now her secret as well?

According to the author, the book is unique to her own story, characters, and locations. The author says, “I rely on many circumstances drawn from my southern heritage. I am a Christian who writes fiction which includes murder and mayhem, but also loss and love.” Thus, the book is written with precise attention to storytelling details which is about a family from Ireland who, in the 1850’s, crossed the Atlantic to New York in hopes of creating a better life. However, help wanted signs were posted everywhere stating “Irish need not apply”. As a result, they hitched up with a wagon train headed westward to Arkansas. There, the family established their American home.

The author boldly affirms that anyone fond of reading will love this book since it has an intriguing story of lives lived through six generations. “Sojourner’s Ridge” paints a message of hope amidst pain and suffering. Judith has an interesting story to tell, and it’s told through each character of the book. “Sojourner’s Ridge” is a book containing a message of redemption. Therefore, with the exceptional message, “Sojourner’s Ridge” is on its way to becoming a bestseller.

Indeed, it has potential to be called a masterpiece. Now, the author and all other well-wishers of the book must wait to see readers’ reactions and feedback. The author is looking forward to seeing “Sojourner’s Ridge” successful in the literary market.

Watch for the sequel to Sojourner’s Ridge at a later date … “Beyond the Ridge.”


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