Popular graphic artist Javiidesignz urges dancehall musicians to evolve with digital marketing trends.

August 01 21:54 2022

In this day and age, advancement in technology is on a rapid rise, and as we look back to ten years ago, we can remember how fascinated we were by how the internet and its many complementary innovations have altered so many aspects of our lives. Today, technology has immensely changed the way we operate, how we communicate, and even the way we execute our work duties on a day to day basis. The graphic design industry is no anomaly to this revolution. Technology now plays an integral role in the development of digital art forms such as websites, logos, cover artworks, animations and motion graphics.

Marlon Richards, more widely known as Javiidesignz, an established graphic artist from Jamaica, with previous and ongoing digital work collaborations with the likes of prominent musicians such as Tommy Lee Sparta, Gold Gad and Yaksta, is now challenging the dancehall artists within the region to utilize the gifts of the digital revolution. According to Javiidesignz, internet technology complimented by digital creative design is the gift that keeps on giving.

“Once upon a time graphic design was strictly associated with the branding of products which involved marketing materials and packaging. However, with the rise of the internet, brands are able to achieve universal exposure online, allowing businesses to uniquely identify potential clients, communicate with their existing clients and review real time data to recognize the sources of incoming traffic. I believe dancehall artists should adapt this marketing strategy to their music”, Javiidesignz told Disrupt Magazine.

Being true to his words, the savvy graphic designer is no stranger to pushing the limits as it relates to marketing, having recently been embroiled in a campaign to capture the attention of rappers, producers, engineers and other industry players within the US music industry, who he ambitiously seeks to turn into loyal and satisfied clients. Digital content marketing is making astronomical strides. One industry that is reaping from its growth is the local online comedy industry.

The application of creativity, technology, the right graphic and content have made some comedy content creators in Jamaica favorably stand out from the others. One such content creator is the likes of Deno Crazy, a Jamaican comedian who has earned exponential growth on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok by implementing innovative marketing techniques in his content, combining humor, creativity, music and graphics to seize his audiences’ attention. It is this amalgamation of attributes that Javiidesignz believes dancehall artists must implement within their own content to attract new fans and spread their music beyond the borders.

“I am not implying that dancehall artists must now turn into comedians; that’s not what I’m saying. However, I think that they can be way more creative than how they are right now. I believe a little bit of imagination and inspiration can go a long way. For example, these artists can partner with a lot of content creators, give them authorization to use their music in their content, and work together in a way that would be mutually beneficial to both parties”, Javiidesignz told Disrupt Magazine. According to Javiidesignz, he also believes that dancehall artists should collaborate with graphic designers more often to fulfill their creative marketing vision.

“In my opinion dancehall artists can reach a wider audience with their online content if they also work more with graphic designers. As a capable graphic artist, I know I can effectively generate engagement from fans by generating eye-catching graphics with their music video content to give a dancehall artist a competitive edge. I know I can achieve this, along with many of my co-workers in the industry. All we need is a chance.” said Javiidesignz.

Creativity, innovation and technology takes on dynamic forms, so it’s a necessity for graphic design to change over time. The rise of digital content marketing without a doubt is going to impact a brand’s essential revenue, and dancehall artists are not exempt from this revolution. For artistic, marketing and economic expressions, graphic design will always be an essential tool and will continue to evolve as a result of technological advances.

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