A New Cloud Company Looking to Disrupt The Old Order

August 03 15:57 2022
Liberation Technology Services (LTS) is a wholly owned U.S. technology infrastructure company that provides clients with freedom from censorship, advanced security, and full ownership of their data.

In recent years, the information technology industry has been incredibly volatile. There have been increases in political censorship and cyber security breaches, including malware and ransomware attacks.  This new development has triggered the search for an alternative platform that promotes freedom of speech and true ownership of data. This is where Liberation Technology Services comes in.   

Liberation Technology Services is a full-service technology infrastructure company that specializes in high-availability private cloud hosting, web and app development, cutting-edge cyber security as well as management and protection of online assets. The company caters to companies, campaigns, and organizations that care about growing their business, while securing their online presence.

LTS is one of only a few U.S. cloud companies that offers a truly independent platform. This means that it fully owns and controls its entire infrastructure, in contrast to other so-called independent platforms that are merely resellers for companies engaging in data mining, censorship and de-platforming. Not surprisingly, this aligns with the company’s vision of offering organizations a level of security and independence that cannot be found elsewhere.

LTS offers hosting services that come with faster loading speed, advanced security solutions and a 99% uptime guarantee, as well as numerous other services. To provide enhanced speed and security for the sites on its platform, the company uses a global CDN edge network. LTS also offers HyperSpeed, an option that can boost client hosting performance by up to ten times normal speeds. This feature puts LTS far ahead of other standard server software like Apache and Nginx.

In addition, LTS is focused on providing some of the best cyber-security for its customers and has partnered with several state-of-the-art cyber security technology firms to protect its clients’ data from ever-evolving threats. This military grade security is made up of customized and robust security protocols to ensure the protection of its clients’ sites on many levels.

One of LTS’ core value propositions is to be a one-stop shop for its clients’ every need. As a result, the company offers services like web development, marketing, and ecommerce. LTS also offers custom solutions such as WordPress hosting, mobile solutions, management, and ecommerce.  All of these services are made possible thanks to the dedicated team of expert developers that the company has on stand-by to deliver customized solutions to its clients. 

LTS is also building the first zero-knowledge freedom-focused edge cloud network that is expected to provide a near zero-latency experience. Users are expected to stay tuned for more news and updates on this exciting new technology.

Please visit liberationtek.com to learn more about LTS and its many offerings.

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