Some Knowledge About Automatic Tube Filling Capping Labelling machine

August 03 19:14 2022

Automatic test tube filling capping labeling machine is suitable for labeling various small-sized cylindrical and conical products, such as cosmetic round bottles, small medicine bottles, plastic bottles, oral liquid bottle labeling, pen holder labeling, lipstick labeling,and other small round bottles liquid bottle filling, capping and labeling etc. It is widely used in round bottle labeling in food, cosmetics, wine making, medicine, beverage, chemical industry and other industries, and can realize semicircular labeling.

1. Suitable for filling, capping and labeling test tubes, tubes, reagents and various small round tubes,Support customization.

2. Basic use

This equipment is aimed at the filling and capping of nucleic acid sampling reagent liquids, and it can automatically complete the bottle loading, filling, capping and discharging of the whole machine.

3. Scope of application

• Applicable products: Micro-filling of small bottles such as nucleic acid sampling reagents.

• Applicable caps: plastic, metal round caps, pump head caps, duckbill caps, etc.

• Application industry: This equipment is basically used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fourth, the work process*Core working principle: the bottle is loaded on the vibrating plate, and the sensor at the bottle-loading gripper detects that there is a bottle. After the signal is transmitted to the system, the bottle is put into the mold of the turntable through the gripper cylinder. The turntable rotates a station, filling, filling After the installation is completed, go to the upper cover. The sensor at the upper cover detects that there is a cover. After the signal is transmitted to the system, the cover is also grasped on the top of the bottle mouth through the gripper, and then the next station is screwed. A station automatically discharges the filled and capped bottles, and the entire filling process of the equipment is completed.

*Operation process: start → bottle loading → filling → capping → capping → discharging

4. Technical parameters: (The following are the technical parameters of this equipment model, and other special requirements and functions can be customized).

• Sealing height: 50~110mm

• Sealing diameter: 10~30mm

• Applicable bottle size (length × width × height): diameter: 10mm ~ 30mm

• Production speed (pcs/h): 1800-2500pcs/h

• Filling range (ml): 3ml~12ml

• Filling accuracy (ml): ±1%

• Weight (kg): about 350kg

• Frequency (HZ): 50HZ

• Voltage (V): AC220V

• Air pressure (MPa): 0.4-0.6MPa

• Power (W): 2.71kw

• Equipment dimensions (mm): (length × width × height): 2079 × 1739 × 1618mm

5. Features

• The operation is simple, the machine is easy to operate, easy to use, and easy to debug.

• This machine can be operated alone or used with the whole line.

• Special customization is available upon request.

• The whole machine is fully automated to realize unmanned operation, and it can also be connected to the labeling machine to realize automatic labeling after filling.

• Equipped with high-quality ceramic pump to ensure the stability of filling accuracy, and the speed can be fast or slow.

• The main materials of the equipment are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloys, which conform to GMP production specifications. The overall structure is firm and beautiful.

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