What do Karen Weaver, former mayor of Flint Michigan, cryptocurrencies and an abandoned nunnery have in common? It turns out that quite a lot

August 05 09:07 2022

While organising various fundraising events and campaigns in order to run for reelection in the city, one of Ms. Weaver’s advisers happened to put her in touch with a crypto payment gateway called FCF Pay in order to open a new source of donations. As it turns out, however, while being perfectly legal in many states, Michigan doesn’t allow political donations in cryptocurrencies.

However, talks with Joe Parkin, COO of French Connection Finance (creators of FCF Pay) have led to other ways of using this technology for the good of the city.

Firstly, why not use the opportunity to raise money for some good causes in the city? Secondly, could blockchain technology be an opportunity to bring about economic regeneration in Flint?

Ms. Weaver and her team have been instrumental in coordinating with FCF in order to bring about the launch of a brand new crypto-only donations platform based on the FCF Pay Donations Widget: WeGiveCrypto.com

Two of the charities being supported at launch (22nd July 2022) are Flint-based and focused on ensuring a positive future for local youths through support and education:

  • House of Esther – Supporting young pregnant mothers and their young children, breaking the cycle of undereducation and missed opportunities. Raising funds to purchase a disused nunnery they have previously leased.

  • Cyber School – Educating at-risk young people in modern technologies with a view to increasing their likelihood of obtaining long-term employment. Raising funds to grow their program, also adding curricular content on the subject of blockchain technologies.

WeGiveCrypto.com will also be supporting other charitable campaigns as the project develops. A large group of crypto projects, influencers and other public figures is rallying around the project. Apart from helping good causes, it aims to showcase the positive community-focused nature of the cryptocurrency movement.

Other than this great charity project, Ms. Weaver and FCF have also discussed at great length regarding the positive aspects of crypto payments and other blockchain technologies, such as NFTs, for the local economy and the possibility of creating a genuine Crypto Hub in the city; an area with a friendly regulatory environment that allows companies that are innovating in this field to flourish, creating jobs and economic regeneration.

Ms. Weaver was quick to recognise the difference between accepting payments in cryptocurrencies and mere speculative investment. “If a legally registered company gets paid in Bitcoin, or any other crypto currency, sells it and deposits it in their bank account as US dollars, where’s the harm in that?” she said. She also saw how NFT technologies could be leveraged to streamline administrative processes such as transfer of deeds and similar applications.

There are talks already underway within the city amongst business leaders discussing just this kind of possibility. Why wait for Europe, Asia and the Middle East to take first mover’s advantage when we can start building the blockchain economy right here in Michigan?






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