Melika Jamshidabadi Of Melicka Studio Is A New Rising Creator

September 21 17:30 2022

When it comes to filmmaking, many big names come to mind; however, in recent years, a new generation of filmmakers have taken on the world with their influence on social media. 

From her famous Brand Promo Videos to short films and Tiktoks, Melicka has made a name for herself with her exceptional talent in videography. 

The rising Tiktoker, born on October 11, 2000 in Tehran, Iran, becomes the youngest Persian American filmmaker to write, direct, record, and edit an Award winning short film in the Los Angeles Film Festival in June of 2018.

Melicka goes in depth about her road to success and her challenges on the way. Her advice to other young filmmakers is to  “pick up the camera and shoot anything” she mentions, “most of my ideas come to me while filming, so it’s ok if you don’t have the perfect scenario or the perfect equipment,… you have to work hard, stay consistent, and don’t give up if the first thing you make is not perfect.”

Melicka joined TikTok in 2020 and grew her account to over half a million followers within months of posting. She describes her success on social media, “The key is in posting consistently, and your videos will eventually find their target audience.” Since her success on social media, Melicka describes the new opportunities she is receiving in getting to travel the world and create her Travel Videos in different cities. 

Melicka’s unique Brand Promo videos quickly gained popularity on social media, leading her to work with more prominent names and bigger brands. While she started her career by reaching out to brands to collaborate and create videos, she’s been able to grasp the attention of many brands that began to reach out to her for videos. 

While she’s had a considerable success with social media, Melicka shares her goals beyond social media in the film industry. Working on sets for different TV Series and Films, she hopes to produce her own feature film in the coming years. With her continuous efforts in this field, she has become one of the top rising middle eastern female filmmakers in the industry.

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