Carrot redefines the way people shop after launching a game-changing shopping app that lets users shop from intention, not impulse

September 24 00:43 2022
Carrot brings an easier way to shop online by letting individuals break up with old-fashioned wish lists, endless open tabs, and messy screenshots.

Carrot is taking the shopping experience to a new level with the ultimate shopping extension app that allows users to collect their carts as they shop automatically. 

“Carrot makes online shopping super easy. Anything you add to cart, Carrot will scoop as well, so keeping track of that thing you saw on that site one time doesn’t take any extra steps from you,” a representative said. 

The intentional shopping extension automatically saves users their finds and helps them get back to them when they are ready to buy. Individuals can use Carrot to organize their shopping, create lookbooks for the new season, design a mood board for a home decorating project, or even plan their holiday vacation by saving hotel and travel options and sharing their shoppable collections with friends & family.

On the other hand, individuals can also use Carrot to build wishlists or gift registries for weddings, birthdays, or any special occasions. In addition, they can get price drop alerts on sales, so they never miss out on a great deal.

Carrot serves as the latest venture out of Bobby Ghoshal and his co-founder Ramin Bozorgzadeh. 

“I knew from the minute I saw Carrot I wanted to get involved once I saw all my open carts and how easy it was to organize them with a click of a button,” Paris Hilton wrote.

Jaz, another app user, said she had spent many hours shopping online, having more than 20 items in her cart. However, turning to Carrot, which features visual bookmarking for shoppers, made all the difference.

Meanwhile, Sizakele Irvin, in a review on the Chrome web store, described the app as a “godsend.”

“Not only can you save all of your items in one place (even when your Amazon cart runs out of room!), but you can organize your saved items in categories of your choice,” wrote Sizakele.

“Study shows Americans spend nearly two hours a day shopping online at work. That’s where Carrot comes into the picture. Carrot is there for individuals, whether at work or home,” the Carrot representative said.

The top shopping app is an excellent choice for everyday shopping as well as professional personal shoppers, stylists, and interior designers. It is the ultimate shopping assistant for those who adore shopping with Honey, Karma, CNET Shopping, or Capital One Shopping.

Carrot works with every major retailer and shopping site, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping, as well as hundreds of thousands of smaller retailers. No matter where they shop or what they’re shopping for, Carrot can help them organize their shopping journey.

Those who want to download the shopping extension may visit the Chrome web store immediately to get started. 

For more information, others who wish to learn more about Carrot, the ultimate shopping extension app, may visit Individuals can also follow Carrot on Tiktok for fun shopping content.


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