FlipBuilder Greatly Supports Flip Shopping Catalog Creation

October 13 01:26 2022
FlipBuilder Greatly Supports Flip Shopping Catalog Creation
Add videos in the flip shopping catalog to vividly present products.
FlipBuilder provides retailers with software to make a flip shopping catalog with engaging content and interactive trigger actions to drive sales.

In this age of efficiency, a PDF shopping catalog seems outdated, with its bland content and time-consuming access to so much product information in a single file. A digital flip shopping catalog gives solutions to these situations. “Digital publishing has already been the major trend in modern publications due to its lower costs, easier access, and broader coverage. FlipBuilder offers retailers efficient software to beautifully present their products and effectively boost sales,” Marketing Manager of FlipBuilder, Alice Lee said, “Marketing and branding are also available in this portable and versatile flip shopping catalog.”

Efficient transformation supports batch conversion of PDFs/images into flipbooks, which greatly saves time and effort. Pre-built templates, themes, and scenes can be directly applied to make the flip shopping catalog visually appealing, while customizable configurations are allowed to be saved as a template for the next quick creation of catalogs. The TOC, bookmarks, and search bar help audiences quickly navigate and locate the product they want.

Multimedia elements and trigger actions are definitely pluses of the flip shopping catalog in increasing audience engagement. Videos are widely used elements in capturing audiences as they convey additional information in animated scenes. Taking full advantage of video inserts will help audiences better understand their brands and products. Trigger actions are effective in interacting with audiences. “Go to any page” buttons lead them to their needed information, making the reading purposeful. A product listing page opened in a new tab allows audiences to make instant purchases. Audiences can instantly get in touch with the retailer by tapping on the phone icon when they have any issues with products. Engaging product presentations and active interactions do a good job of improving conversion rates, as they help provide a pleasant, convenient, and immersive shopping experience.

In terms of faster distribution and greater reach, retailers can quickly reach a wider audience and generate leads for their businesses by sharing the flip shopping catalog’s URL/QR code via social media platforms and email, and embedding the catalog on their websites to showcase a full range of products. Moreover, adding brand logos to build brand awareness makes the catalog much more trustworthy and professional. 

For further information on how to create a flip shopping catalog, please visit FlipBuilder.

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