Marquis K Magwood takes the entertainment scene by storm as a top-rated actor and director; launches his new premier clothing and accessories brand.

October 13 06:27 2022
Marquis K Magwood is the next big thing in the entertainment scene as he continues to catch the eye of everyone in the industry with a talent level that’s high, both in acting and directing.

Actor, director, and entrepreneur Marquis K Magwood is unstoppable as he makes headway globally as someone who goes behind the cameras and directs himself.

Marquis, who’s proud to say that he does the shooting, editing, and directing of his own short films, has been gaining a lot of buzz for becoming a director while continuing his career before the cameras. 

Marquis has recently expressed gratitude for working with actor Charles Parnell. Marquis wrote, “Seven years ago, I didn’t expect to be working with the people I’ve been working with. I met some people who others would jump off a roof to meet and just pick their brains. I thank God for the blessings he bestows upon me to continue to reach my goals in life and meet the people I met along the way.”

Just recently, Marquis looked back on the first role he has gotten since 2016 as “Bryan,” a medical student who was at the top of his class in his academics and his studies as a medical practitioner.

“I got to work with some of the best cast and crew. I was blessed with this opportunity and various others. It is always a blessing to see the fruition of your labor pay off along the road. When you look back, it’s more of a fantasy that you’ve gotten this far and so much more so come,” said Marquis.

When asked about his advice to budding actors, Marquis says acting is talent and a lot of hard work, which most of the time means discovering oneself and pushing to the limit.

“Your path can be a journey no one sees or understands. You have to take that one foot forward to be what no one imagined you to be,” says Marquis.

Making waves outside acting

Marquis, however, is also carving out his own name in the fashion world through MarQ, a game-changing and premier clothing and accessories line for the higher individual.

Marquis says the brand “MarQ” stems from global fashion markets with social awareness of fashion, design, and creativity from Miami, Florida, with a taste of LA. 

MarQ, with its motto, “It’s time for YOU to make your “MarQ,” calls on individuals to make a mark of their own through unique and high fashion and bringing their confidence a step further. 

Marquis says MarQ is premier streetwear that aims to give the community an opportunity to express themselves through their individual display of fashion geared for creatives and business professionals. 

“Life is not always what it seems but whatever you make it. Always give it your best,” Marquis tells individuals. Marquis also believes in trusting the process and enjoying things as they are. “Whatever you believe in, you can do. It’s always faith, trusting the process, consistency, determination, and persistence,” he adds.

Customers can check out the entire catalog by visiting for other highly rated items that include the MarQ Floral Sweats and the MarQ Floral Sweatshirt.

Those who want to reach out to Marquis K Magwood may send him a direct message right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about Marquis K Magwood and the MarQ brand may follow his social channels for more information.

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